It’s part of the human condition—to be happy with something one day and dissatisfied the next. Needing a change of scenery is one thing, but what if you are unhappy with your insurance policy? What do you do next?

Unhappy with Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company? Maybe they increased your premiums mid-month, or perhaps you’re just wondering if you can get a better deal elsewhere. People cancel insurance policies and replace them with new ones all the time. It’s not as big of a deal as you may think. If you’re questioning why you are still holding on to your Nationwide policy, then it’s a great time to find out how to make the change to another insurance provider.

Don’t make the change too soon, though. First, you’ll want to be sure you’ve shopped around and have another active policy in place. Accidents happen, but we never know when. And the costs can be catastrophic! Therefore, you never want to be without an auto insurance policy to protect you. Even for just a few days.

If you’ve decided it’s time to make a change to your Nationwide insurance policy, you’re in luck. You can go to Insurify right now and in minutes be matched with 10+ cheap insurance quotes that complement your driving lifestyle and budget. Relax and head to Insurify to find your next new policy when you are ready to compare. The following steps won’t take long.

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At a Glance: What is Nationwide’s cancellation policy?

The cancellation process doesn’t get much easier than with this insurer. Nationwide’s no-fuss cancellation policy means that you won’t be facing any financial penalties if you cancel early. Right on their FAQ page, they tell you in plain language how to cancel a Nationwide policy and how to switch back to Nationwide should you change your mind. Though you can manage your account and get answers to some of your most basic questions online, you can’t cancel your policy online. Read on to find out exactly how to cancel your policy, including the steps you should take beforehand to stay happy and safe.  

Step 1: Look up your renewal date. 

Why is the renewal date so important? This is the day that you’ll want your new coverage to begin to avoid being without coverage in case of an accident. Where do you find it? Your renewal date is on your insurance ID card. 

If you can’t find it there (or don’t have the card), you can also access it online. Nationwide lets you view and print out another ID card by entering your phone number or policy number. If you haven’t signed up to manage your Nationwide account online, then you’ll want to do that first. It’s best to cancel with your current insurer on or soon before your renewal date. You may even be eligible for a refund of any unearned insurance premiums. 

Step 2: Compare car insurance quotes.

If you’re like most of us, COVID-19 hasn’t left you with the time or patience to compare auto insurance quotes the old-fashioned way—by picking up the phone and having to go back and forth with a sales-y insurance agent. What would make you happy? Privacy, speed, and zero nonsense. 

Insurify’s AI-driven algorithm and database of hundreds of national and regional insurers mean that you can quickly compare apples to apples in terms of auto insurance coverage and discounts. However you choose to compare carriers, make sure that you keep in mind the kind of insurance products you’re interested in. 

How much coverage can you get from each insurer at the cheapest rate? What about discounts for bundling (or putting together) your auto and your homeowners insurance, renters insurance, or life insurance? Are you a high-risk driver with a DUI on your record? Which insurance companies cater to drivers like you? The more detailed information you can give a comparison website like Insurify about who you are and what you want, the more accurate (and hopefully, cheaper) your quote can be!


Nationwide Quotes vs. Competitors 

To give you an idea of what Nationwide’s competitors charge for car insurance, here is a list of average quotes: 

Insurer Average Monthly Cost
21st Century GA Limited $165.00
National General $186.00
SafeAuto $206.00
Infinity $346.00
Nationwide $227.00
Safeco $200.00
Travelers $174.00
The General $307.00
Liberty Mutual $244.00
Mercury $244.00

Bear in mind that these quotes are based on averages. To find out how much other companies would charge you for car insurance, use Insurify. Insurify allows you to compare customized car insurance quotes from up to 20 companies at a time––for free!

Score savings on car insurance with Insurify

Compare Quotes

Step 3: Think about why you’re leaving Nationwide.

Policyholders aren’t perfect. Neither are insurance companies. The great thing about mistakes is that we can learn from them. If Nationwide doesn’t seem to be on your side anymore, or if you just feel like it’s time to test out a new insurance provider, think first about the reasons you are parting ways.

Is the premium just too high? Are you struggling to get through their phone system? Maybe you find that Nationwide falls short on the products or discounts that can serve you best. Make sure you take note of these details. Being aware of the pitfalls of your current insurance provider will help you make your next choice much easier. 

Step 4: Enroll in a new car insurance policy. 

The old-school way of determining and pricing out the best car insurance policy was irksome and time-consuming. For every policy you wanted to investigate, you’d have to get on the phone or meet an insurance agent in person and hope you asked the right questions. 

Insurify is an AI-powered auto insurance comparison shopping website that has had these conversations with hundreds of insurance companies already. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your vehicle and driving history, and Insurify will return 10+ cheap quotes for you to review. And Insurify knows all the right questions to ask to determine whether you’re a safe driver, whether your credit score will affect your rates, and whether there are any other discounts to help lower your premium. 

After you review each policy and make your decision, you can connect directly with the insurance company to continue the conversation and purchase your saved quote. Make sure you enroll in your new car insurance policy first before you officially cancel your Nationwide account. For many carriers, you can take advantage of e-sign and complete your account signup online without having to talk to a single person.

Step 5: Cancel your Nationwide auto policy. 

To cancel your Nationwide policy, call your insurance agent or 1 (877) 669-6877. If you choose to call the 877 number, you’ll need to have one of the following details handy to get through the automated phone system:

  • The last six digits of your policy number
  • Your account number
  • The five-digit agent number
  • Your phone number (if it’s connected to your account)

You should find most of this information on your billing statement or your Nationwide insurance ID card.

Be prepared for them to ask you why you are leaving and possibly offer you discounts or a lower premium to keep your account with them. If you’ve done your homework in steps 2 and 3, you know why you are leaving, and you’ve already found some comparable companies that you want to do business with. If you decide to stay, then don’t forget to cancel the new policy you established in step 4. 

Step 6: Follow up on your refund. 

Are you due a refund on your old policy? It’s easy to leave change on the table when we get busy, so make a reminder to yourself right now to follow up on your refund after several weeks. A refund is usually given on any unused portion of the premium that you’ve already paid. For example, if you bought a six-month policy with Nationwide and you’ve only had them for four months, you should be returned two months’ worth of premiums. 

Some people online have complained about not getting refunded promptly. If that’s the case, file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and hopefully speed the process along. 

Canceling insurance doesn’t have to be frustrating or hard. You deserve a monthly payment you can better afford, reliable claims service, and all the discounts that you can possibly qualify for—without having to go around and around with insurance agent after insurance agent.

Once you put in your ZIP code and answer a few questions, Insurify works in minutes to return cheap auto insurance quotes that would have taken you hours or even days to compare. Insurify makes sure the coverage amounts are within your state minimum requirements, and they ask questions about you so they can include discounts that lower your rates fast—question after easy question. Insurify makes changing insurance almost as fast and as easy as changing your mind! 

Nationwide Car Insurance Cancellation: Quick Questions

What should I do before canceling my car insurance with Nationwide?

There are four steps that you should take before canceling your Nationwide policy (see steps 1 through 4 in this article). The most crucial step, however, is putting another policy in place to avoid a coverage lapse.

Does Nationwide charge a cancellation fee?

Having to eat the cancellation fee is one of the biggest worries people have when deciding to switch insurance carriers. Luckily, you’re free and clear in this instance. Nationwide does not charge a cancellation fee. Additionally, depending on when you cancel, you may even be due a refund.

Where can I find new car insurance after I've canceled my Nationwide policy?

To begin, you should never cancel an auto insurance policy until you have another policy in place. The reason for this is to prevent a dangerous (and possibly expensive) lapse in coverage. If it’s time to explore new coverage, your first stop should be Insurify. The site is super easy to use and chock full of discounts that it dispenses to you one after the other as you unlock them with relevant information.

Browse, Compare, Discover with Insurify today.


Updated April 28, 2021

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