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Car Insurance

What is comprehensive insurance?

What does and doesn't it cover?

Comprehensive. A word that will almost certainly come up in your car insurance search. It seems to be a staple that many instinctually include when making the purchase, but do you really know what it is exactly that you’re buying? Don’t worry if you don’t, that’s why you’re here! We want to break it down for you question-by-every-possible-question you may have:

What does it cover and what does it not cover?

Comprehensive car insurance will cover repairs or a replacement of your car by damages not caused by an accident, meaning a fire, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, falling objects, or hitting an animal. Those are the more typical causes for damages that will be covered, but for specifics, contact your car insurance provider.

Is it state-required coverage?

No. It is not legally required for you to have comprehensive coverage by any state. A lot of, if not most, states will mandate that you have property damage liability so that your carrier will pay if you damage someone else’s property or car. But they don’t make it required that you have insurance to cover your own self in the event of some type of accident.

If you’re leasing / financing your vehicle, though, your lienholder might require you purchase comprehensive coverage and may even require a specific deductible you’ll have to go with.

When do you need comprehensive insurance?

As stated in the first question, comprehensive covers a wide variety of options that may cause damage at any given moment and are, more often than not, not caused by an accident. These happenings occur frequently and so, thinking about when you need it or whether or not you should purchase it is simple. It is important to always have comprehensive as long as you have a car so that you are protected always.

How much does it cost to have comprehensive coverage?

Comprehensive is usually a small percentage taken from your car insurance premium and the great thing about is that it tends to be quite reasonably priced. You can use the Ensurify smart virtual insurance agent to find out the exact price of how much it will be, but as long as you are not a high-risk driver, the protection it offers is a hundred percent worth whatever price you may pay.