Insurify’s 2020 Most Courageous Cities Awards

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Published November 10, 2020

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Residents in these courageous cities represent the utmost bravery while serving their communities in 2020.

When it comes to community wellbeing and safety, there are some exceptional citizens who go above and beyond to ensure that their neighbors are taken care of. In their everyday work, they are willing to risk their personal safety for the safety of their community, whether through protecting others against harm, attending to medical emergencies, or testing vital infrastructure for public safety. These honorable citizens who work tirelessly to improve the lives of others in their community deserve recognition for their selflessness, tenacity, and dedication to the broader public.

These courageous Americans care greatly about their communities and serve as strong and proud representatives for them. To recognize these stellar individuals and their communities for their service, the data scientists at Insurify identified the cities in each state with the greatest share of courageous citizens.

Selection Process for Insurify’s 2020 Most Courageous Cities

The data science team at Insurify, a home insurance comparison platform, referred to their database of over 2.5 million insurance applicants to determine the cities with the greatest proportions of citizens whose work is dedicated to serving their greater community. Individuals submitting applications for coverage include information such as their occupation, and whether they or anyone on their policy is an active member or veteran of the Armed Forces.

To identify the cities with the greatest share of courageous citizens, Insurify’s researchers selected the number of applicants with careers in public safety (including firefighters, park rangers, law enforcement, and emergency medical technicians), in high-risk jobs with a high benefit to society (such as electrical power line installers, structural metalworkers, and miners), and current or past members of the Armed Forces. The cities with the highest rates of citizens in these lines of work in each state are the award winners for 2020.

Courageous Cities in the US

These are the most courageous cities in each state. Winning cities were determined by having a high proportion of citizens whose work is dedicated to serving their greater community.

Winners of Insurify’s 2020 Most Courageous Cities Awards

Alabama: Daleville

Alaska: Wasilla

Arizona: Benson

Arkansas: Ward

California: Lemoore

Colorado: Fountain

Connecticut: Naugatuck

Delaware: Harrington

Florida: Crestview

Georgia: Ludowici

Hawaii: Kapolei

Idaho: Mountain Home

Illinois: O Fallon

Indiana: Hobart

Iowa: Newton

Kansas: Leavenworth

Kentucky: Oak Grove

Louisiana: Leesville

Maine: Augusta

Maryland: Indian Head

Massachusetts: Billerica

Michigan: Rockford

Minnesota: Lakeville

Mississippi: Long Beach

Missouri: Saint Robert

Montana: Columbia Falls

Nebraska: Papillion

Nevada: Laughlin

New Hampshire: Hudson

New Jersey: Monroe Township

New Mexico: Las Vegas

New York: Watertown

North Carolina: Fort Bragg

North Dakota: Mandan

Ohio: London

Oklahoma: Altus

Oregon: Sherwood

Pennsylvania: Bethel Park

Rhode Island: Newport

South Carolina: Goose Creek

South Dakota: Box Elder

Tennessee: Milan

Texas: Harker Heights

Utah: Layton

Vermont: Bennington

Virginia: Hampton

Washington: Oak Harbor

West Virginia: Berkeley Springs

Wisconsin: Stevens Point

Wyoming: Sheridan

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