One of the more popular insurance options is collision insurance, a feature that may be required if you finance or lease your vehicle. It is one of the main elements of a full-coverage auto insurance policy and can range in price depending on your vehicle’s value.

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What is collision insurance and what does it cover? 

Just as the name suggests, collision insurance is designed to pay toward repairing or replacing your vehicle in the event of a car accident or collision with an object. Your monthly premium may vary based on a number of factors, including your deductible, the actual cash value of your vehicle, and the level of coverage offered by your insurance company.

In most cases, collision insurance covers vehicle repairs or a full replacement based on the following scenarios:

  • Hitting a stationary object, like a guardrail, tree, or fence
  • Involvement in a car accident with one or more additional vehicles
  • A single-vehicle accident that includes rolling over

Remember, every auto insurance policy is unique and may not cover damage that comes from other situations. If you are involved in an incident that you think may be covered under your collision policy, it’s best to contact your insurer right away to find out if you should file a claim.

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Collision Insurance Quotes

Motorists can enroll in affordable collision insurance through a number of insurers. The most affordable provider for full coverage plans in the nation which includes collision coverage is Metromile, with several other economical options available.

Insurance Company Average Cost Per Month
Metromile $101
Farmers $122
Kemper Preferred $147
MetLife $149
Acuity $150
Motion Auto $153
Amigo USA $155
TSC Direct $158

Full-Coverage Insurance: Collision and Comprehensive Coverage 

Enrolling in collision coverage is a good idea for many motorists, but it’s only a portion of what most insurers consider to be a full-coverage policy. Collision insurance pays toward a person’s vehicle in the event of an accident, but there are a number of exclusions to keep in mind. In most cases, this protection won’t help with medical bills, vandalism, or property damage.

Remember, if you are leasing or financing a vehicle, you will likely be required to enroll in collision insurance shortly after you take possession of the car. You’ll be able to select the deductible amount that makes the most sense for your budget; however, your coverage limit will vary based on your car’s actual cash value—the cost of your vehicle minus depreciation.

But what happens if you encounter a situation that’s not covered by your collision policy? Most insurers recommend protecting your vehicle with comprehensive coverage, too, and often term the combination of these two types of coverage as a full-coverage policy. With both of these options in place, motorists will have the best chance of receiving payment on a claim.

You can think of comprehensive coverage as a policy that protects you from all other types of situations where collision coverage wouldn’t. For example, if a tree falls on your car during a windstorm, your comprehensive policy will likely kick in. Instances of vandalism and theft are also often covered under this type of liability insurance, as well as damage from natural disasters.

While collision and comprehensive options are often considered more robust car insurance policies, there are other features that can help provide even more protection. If you’re concerned about the medical bills that could result after an accident, bodily injury liability protection is a great choice, as it could even help cover the lost wages of the other party.

Additional coverage types include property damage liability protection, which may pay toward the cost of repairing or replacing another person’s vehicle after a collision. If you have collision coverage only, it can help repair your car, but you may be left with a huge bill on your hands if you’ve damaged another person’s vehicle or personal property.

Ultimately, it’s best to explore your car insurance options in detail before you commit to enrolling in a new policy. Based on your budget, you may want to opt for every policy type available to make sure you’re covered in just about any situation you can think of. But that may not always be affordable for drivers, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

At the very least, it’s smart for motorists to combine collision and comprehensive coverage together when they purchase a new policy to ensure they have a wide range of protection. Over time, drivers can consider adding on features to boost their policy, especially if their driving habits change or they find themselves able to afford a more robust policy.

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Find Cheap Collision Coverage Today 

Your insurance costs don’t have to be high, even if you have a less-than-perfect driving record. From collision coverage to comprehensive insurance, Insurify assists motorists in finding the right policy for their needs. You’ll be able to review real-time quotes from a number of insurers and enroll in just a few minutes, saving you time and money on your collision insurance.

Collision Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions 

What is collision insurance?

Different from liability coverage, a collision policy helps pay toward car repairs or replacing a totaled vehicle after a covered accident. If you own your car, collision insurance is considered optional coverage, while many lenders require you to enroll in this auto coverage if you finance or lease your vehicle.

Is collision insurance worth it?

Many motorists base their level of interest in collision coverage on the value of their vehicle. If you were to experience a total loss and didn’t have collision coverage, consider that you will not be compensated for the value of your car in any way. Those who can afford to purchase a new car with ease or whose vehicle isn’t worth much may not find value in collision car insurance.

Where can I find cheap collision insurance? 

It’s always smart to get several car insurance quotes before enrolling in a policy, and if you’re looking for affordable collision insurance, Insurify can help. Simply answer a few questions about your vehicle and driving habits, and find the right auto policy to meet your needs. Insurify takes the guesswork out of automobile insurance and can help you save on collision coverage.

Updated November 1, 2021

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