Shopping for homeowners insurance can be a daunting, confusing, and downright boring task, but making sure you have sufficient insurance is a fundamental step in responsible homeownership. 

Choosing the right home insurance policy begins with establishing your coverage needs, which may differ based on your location. Find out how to compare home insurance quotes today and save hundreds on a new policy.

How to get free home insurance quotes online

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What exactly is a home insurance quote?

Before committing to an insurance company, homeowners have the right to shop around. This is where the home insurance quote comes in—while you’re shopping around, home insurance companies will give you an estimated policy rate based on simple demographic and geographical information.

Since insurance policy prices reflect risk, quote amounts vary from place to place and family to family. Homeowners insurance quotes are based on the perceived level of risk that a potential policyholder represents to an insurance provider. Credit history, natural disaster frequency, and crime rates may affect this number.

Since insurers weigh these variables differently, premiums will vary from carrier to carrier. That being said, it’s essential to check and compare quotes from multiple companies before deciding what to buy.

Here are some similar terms you might come across in your home insurance shopping journey:

A quote is a tailored estimate of how much your home insurance policy will cost with a specific insurance company. Quotes aren’t set in stone, however, and may fluctuate once you’ve provided a company with your more specific information like your Social Security Number. Still, a home insurance quote is the most accurate prediction of the rate a company will set for you.

A rate is the actual cost of your insurance coverage. All of the factors that go into estimating your quote are what ultimately impact the price you must pay to receive insurance coverage.

A premium is what the insurance company determines you’ll be charged per pay period based on your rate. Your total monthly or annual premium should represent the final cost of your insurance policy after all discounts, coverages, and endorsements have been applied. Typically, a home insurance policy constitutes six months or one year of coverage, divided into monthly installments.

What factors will impact my home insurance quote

If you’re wondering why your home insurance is so high, you’re not alone. Most homeowners can be blissfully unaware of the sheer number of factors that will slightly or significantly alter their home insurance quote.

  • Your ZIP code. Insurance costs vary immensely from state to state, city to city, and even one street to the next. Local crime rates, regional weather patterns, and the value of your home are all factors that will go into how much or how little you’ll have to pay for a home insurance policy.
  • Who you are. Do you own your home or rent it? Do you pay your bills? Your age, gender, marital status, and credit score are all factors that insurance companies can take into account when calculating your quote. 
  • Coverage levels. The higher your liability coverage levels, the more you’re potentially asking an insurance company to pay out if you file a claim. Obviously, this means the more coverage you have, the more you’re going to shell out every month.
  • Deductible amounts. For any non-liability coverage, you get to decide how much money you’ll have to pay before the insurance coverage kicks in. This flat amount is called a deductible. The higher you set your deductibles, the lower your monthly premium will be, and vice versa. Let your financial situation inform how much you want to pay for an insurance policy, how much you can pay, and how much you’re willing to “risk” by opting out of appropriate coverage.


Home Insurance Quotes for New Homes vs. Old Homes

Older homes are prone to degradation, so buying a newer house that’s up to code might lower your risk profile, granting you further discounts. 

Older homes have their own category of homeowners insurance coverage called HO-8 coverage. Older homes have generally been built to less stringent code standards than recently built homes, and so insurers have designed a specialized type of homeowners insurance policy for them. HO-8 policies often only cover the basic perils listed in HO-1 policies and generally apply to homes that are registered landmarks or otherwise deemed historic homes. 

Owners of registered landmarks are typically forbidden from updating HVAC, electrical and other parts of the home to enable them to qualify for a standard HO-3 policy, so an HO-8 policy is often the only option for them. So, you may end up paying more for that charming old house of yours. For more information, visit our ultimate guide to getting cheap home insurance quotes.

Conclusion: The best way to get a cheap home insurance quote

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Updated March 9, 2020

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