As one of the more popular companies to partner with when it comes to auto insurance, Liberty Mutual Insurance has a history of positive customer satisfaction. However, that doesn’t mean that its products meet everyone’s needs, and if you find that you want to work with a different insurance company, you probably want to cancel your Liberty Mutual policy right away.

Before you do so, it’s crucial that you understand the steps to take not only to properly cancel your current policy but also to obtain a new one without any lapse in coverage. Policyholders can actually be penalized for a lack of car insurance—even if they aren’t on the road driving! You might find that any lapse in coverage could equate to higher auto insurance rates on your next policy, so it’s imperative that you remain insured at all times.

If you’ve decided that it’s time to shop for a new policy, make sure you visit Insurify first before you terminate your Liberty Mutual coverage. With Insurify, you’ll be able to see real-time quotes from multiple companies and determine which insurance coverage is right for you.

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At a Glance: What is Liberty Mutual’s cancellation policy?

Those who want to cancel their auto insurance policy from Liberty Mutual will be pleased to know that it’s fairly straightforward. Depending on the state you live in, you could be subject to certain cancellation fees, so it’s best to speak with an insurance agent to get a better understanding of the process.

Liberty Mutual knows that life circumstances can change at a moment’s notice, and when you speak with an agent, you might find that he or she will offer ways for you to save money and keep your coverage with the company. If you still want to end your relationship with Liberty Mutual and pursue insurance elsewhere, keep reading to learn exactly how to cancel your policy.

Step 1: Look up your renewal date 

Whether you make your insurance premiums on a monthly basis or you pay for your policy in full, it will be important to know when your renewal date is prior to canceling your coverage. Depending on where you live, Liberty Mutual might allow you to cancel your policy at any time, although it’s typically recommended that you make any changes to or cancellations of auto policies right before the renewal date as it’s easiest to process any refunds due.

Step 2: Compare car insurance quotes

Shopping for new car insurance can sometimes feel overwhelming as the number of companies to consider is numerous. Instead of obtaining quotes from State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide, GEICO, and more individually, you’ll want to make sure you head over to Insurify instead. It’s important to consider your coverage options, applicable discounts, and how your policy premium could change.

Step 3: Think about why you’re leaving Liberty Mutual

Maybe you’re interested in additional insurance products from another company or you’re simply looking for a lower rate—there is a range of reasons that might cause you to cancel your policy with Liberty Mutual. Before you decide to switch your coverage to a different provider, consider why exactly you’re leaving. If features like accident forgiveness and roadside assistance are important, make sure you’ll have access to them through your new policy.

Step 4: Enroll in a new car insurance policy

Once you’ve found an insurance company that you want to do business with, it’s time to enroll in your new policy. If you’re interested in bundling your auto coverage with life insurance or renters coverage, now’s the time to do so. Make a note of your new policy number and its effective date just in case Liberty Mutual asks when you initiate your cancellation. You might also want to have your credit card available in case the new company asks for payment during the enrollment process.

Step 5: Cancel your Liberty Mutual auto insurance

Liberty Mutual offers an easy way for policyholders to cancel their auto coverage—simply call 1 (800) 658-9857 and speak with an insurance agent to get started. The representative you speak with may ask you questions about your new insurance, so be sure to have your policy information available. During the cancellation process, you’ll want to inquire about any fees or refunds that you may incur.

Step 6: Follow up on your refund

Depending on the state you live in, you might be eligible for a refund of any unused portions of your premium. Car insurance companies are quite busy during the coronavirus pandemic, so it’s important that you follow up on your refund if you haven’t received it within a few weeks of your cancellation. You might receive a check in the mail or Liberty Mutual may be able to provide a refund directly to your credit card.

Liberty Mutual Car Insurance Cancellation: Quick Questions

Can I cancel my Liberty Mutual policy online?

While Liberty Mutual Insurance Company aims for customers to easily manage their policy online, cancellations must be completed over the phone by calling 1 (800) 658-9857.

Will I be charged a fee to cancel my Liberty Mutual auto coverage?

Depending on the state you live in, you may find that a cancellation fee is assessed. It’s best to speak with a Liberty Mutual insurance agent to determine if you’ll be subject to any charges.

Is there a Liberty Mutual fax number I can use to cancel my policy?

At this time, policies can only be canceled over the phone. A Liberty Mutual customer service representative can be reached by calling 1 (800) 658-9857.

Conclusion: The best way to compare and save on car insurance

During the pandemic, it’s smart to evaluate your monthly bills and find areas in your budget where you can save money. For many, that means changing their auto insurance coverage away from Liberty Mutual and partnering with a new carrier. You might find that you’re eligible for more discounts or lower rates elsewhere, or you could simply decide to work with another company due to an improvement in the level of customer service it offers.

Before you spend hours searching online for the best prices, make sure you visit Insurify. You’ll be able to see all of your options at a glance and can find the best policy to meet your fiscal needs. In today’s day and age, not having to worry about your car insurance can truly make a difference and allow you to focus on more important things in life!

Score savings on car insurance with Insurify

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Updated June 30, 2020

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