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Living expenses are hard enough to juggle…and you can’t compromise on security and peace of mind when it comes to you and your family’s dwelling. Why should too-high home insurance rates be keeping you from feeling safe in your own home?

Insurify knows that insurance isn’t worth the headache, so we’re making it easier for homeowners across the nation to start their savings journey.

Homeowners insurance rates aren’t always designed to guarantee savings. As of 2019, the average home insurance premium in the United States costs $1,192 a year. Additionally, the median home value is $257,445. These are pretty pennies. How can you be expected to pay all of these costs (vital as they are) and still provide for you and your family?

Where there’s a cost, there are ways to cut it. That’s where Insurify comes in. Cheap home insurance is just a few clicks away.

Compare homeowners insurance quotes from top companies today with Insurify!

Home Insurance Quotes
Comparison: Before and After Insurify

Home Insurance Quotes
Comparison: Before and After Insurify

Before Insurify

Spend hours answering the same questions online or over the phone for each of the homeowners insurance providers in your area, during their specific business hours.

Consult so-called “independent” local agents who pressure you into buying a policy now.

Compare all of your quote and coverage options on your own, with no simple way to compare metrics.


With Insurify

Spend 5 minutes on Insurify’s trusted site telling us about you, your new home, and your coverage preferences.

Get real quotes from several homeowners insurance providers that serve your area.

Unlock discounts and toggle between policy coverage options before you buy online or over the phone.


Start saving now

Comparing Home Insurance

Because no two homes are the same,

homeowners insurance rates can vary wildly, depending on factors like where you live, what the weather and climate are like in your region, and whether your home has sufficient safety and security features.

Aspects of both you and your home are weighed methodically by your insurer to determine how likely you are to file a claim.

After base rate premiums, costs are as unique as you are, which is why home insurance quotes comparison is so important.

The fastest way to compare quotes

No need to fill out multiple, long application forms.

Get real and accurate quotes from multiple homeowners insurance companies in one place.

Where You Live

Many insurance companies heavily weigh where you live and drive because of geographically relative variables like population density, crime rates, and weather patterns.

Your Home

What’s your home made of? Brick houses typically cost less to insure than those made of wood, which are more flammable. Older homes or structurally unsafe homes will demand a higher insurance premium.

Your Claims

If you’re already the owner of a homeowners insurance policy, a record of making a high number of claims will lead to higher rates. Always think before you make a new claim: is it worth the rate hike next year? Determine which issues can be taken care of easily, and which will actually require an insurance payout.

Your Credit Score

Legally, insurance companies can’t refuse you coverage just because you have a low credit score. But if your score is high enough, it could lead to a discount.


Your Deductible Amount

The higher the deductible, the lower your premium. The lower your deductible, the higher your premium. In the insurance world, these are words to live by.


What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover? 

Home insurance includes coverages that help to repair or replace your personal property if it is damaged by perils like theft or fire. Some homeowners insurance policies also help you pay for costs incurred when you accidentally damage someone else’s property or if someone is injured on your property.

Here’s what’s included in a typical home insurance policy: 

Your Dwelling and Other Structures

Your physical house and other structures on your property are covered in the event of a theft or criminal property destruction. It also covers damages from fires, lightning, windstorms, and hail. What’s the weather like where you live? Do you live in a mobile home? These unique caveats will imapct your premium. 

Your Personal Property

Any belongings damaged in the above-described events can be reimbursed to varying extents, depending on your coverage levels.

Liability Coverage

Covers medical bills associated with injuries that take place on your property.


Additional Living Expenses (ALE) Coverage

Covers expenses associated with living in your home while you wait for claim-related repairs or restoration.

But what doesn’t homeowners insurance cover? Damages arising from earthquakes and floods usually require separate insurance policies. Earthquake and flood insurance packages are typically available as add-ons to your regular homeowners insurance policy. 

Most mortgage lenders require homeowners to have home insurance. And given the number of scenarios that could impact the safety and integrity of your home, it’s worth it to pay a little bit extra, if only for the peace of mind.

Home Insurance Discounts

Each homeowners policy is different, but discounts abound if you know where to find them. 

You might even qualify for discounts for features of your house that are total no-brainers. However, as your home is an investment, many of these potential policy discounts are a result of purchases, installations, or renovations you’ve already made to improve the safety and security of your dwelling.

Here are some examples of homeowners insurance discounts for which you might qualify:


Bundling/multi-policy discount

Loyalty discount

Over time, if you stick with a homeowners insurance provider, you could save on your policy – but often only after years of customer loyalty.

Claims-free discount

Homeowners with a demonstrated history of no claims are often rewarded. Try all means necessary to prevent a property claim, and you could see your rates fall over time.

Paying in full discount

If you’re demonstrably able to pay for your homeowners insurance in one lump sum, an insurance provider may mark down the price of your premium.


Mature homeowners discount

Older homeowners are more likely to be home, and most burglaries occur during daylight hours.

Married or widowed discount

As is the case with other types of insurance policies, sometimes it pays to get hitched.

HOA discount

If you’re part of a homeowner’s association (HOA) in your neighborhood, it’s likely that you’re subject to high home-maintenance standards.


Monitored burglar system discount

Your personal belongings are important to you. They’re also important to a burglar. A house equipped with a proper burglar alarm system to stave off theft is seen as a less risky investment to insurers, who have to pay partial or full replacement cost for your stolen property.

Monitored fire alarm system discount

Got an up-to-date smoke alarm installed in your home? Expect some savings from your provider.

Impact-resistant roof discount

If you live in a heavily forested area or are otherwise at risk for roof damage, make sure the structural integrity of your roofing is up to snuff.

Home improvements discount

If you’ve made moves to improve any aspect of your home since purchasing your policy, be sure to notify your insurer.

Gated community discount

For an insurance company, the fewer threats to the safety of your house, the better.

New home discount

Older homes are prone to degradation; buying a new house that’s up to code might lower your risk profile. 

Non-smoker discount

Smoking is one of the top common causes of house fires. 

Sensor for leaks discount

 Leak detectors can often detect leaky pipes in your home before water damage becomes too catastrophic.

After getting your quote list with Insurify, ask your insurance agent for more details about your discount eligibility.

Compare Top Home Insurance Companies

You know Insurify is the gold standard when it comes to car insurance and life insurance quotes comparison.
Now we’re helping you cover your home, too.

Save on your insurance premium; change home insurance coverage options to see where you can save and just how much coverage you need.

Compare quotes from the best home insurance companies today and get peace of mind with Insurify! Use our home insurance calculator before you sign the dotted line. 


Insurify Home Insurance FAQs

What is the best home insurance comparison site?

Insurify lets new and seasoned homeowners alike compare home insurance quotes and save money on their policy in a matter of minutes. Unlock discounts and save on your annual premium with a real quote from a large or small homeowners insurance provider. Other home insurance comparison sites include Policygenius.

Why should you compare home insurance quotes online?

Comparing home insurance quotes on Insurify saves you time, money, and stress. Entering the same personal information directly on a bunch of company or lead generation sites will leave you susceptible to unwelcome spam calls and emails. With Insurify, users can compare homeowners insurance quotes on one secure platform in mere minutes, and choose to buy the right policy for them online or over the phone.

Who offers the best home insurance?

The cost of your homeowners insurance policy will vary based on multiple factors, especially the features of your dwelling and where you live. Nonetheless, some home insurance companies get uniformly high marks. Insurify’s official list of the best home insurance companies deems COUNTRY Financial, USAA, and Allstate the best home insurers of 2020.