Learning to drive and getting your first car is a big part of growing up—it’s like finally getting your freedom. 

Unfortunately, maintaining that freedom comes at a price: high car insurance rates

Most car insurance companies consider high school and college-aged drivers “high risk” because of their relative inexperience as drivers. This usually leads to astronomically high car insurance rates that can leave a lot of students wondering why they ever needed a car in the first place. 

Don’t worry, though! A lot of car insurance companies are willing to offer discounts to full-time students in high school or college who get good grades. Insurance companies believe responsible students translate into responsible drivers. 

Read ahead to see how you could be eligible and which companies offer the “good student” discount. But if your grades are less than stellar, you could still save on car insurance—check out the discounts at the bottom of the page!

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Are you eligible for a good student discount?

Most auto insurance companies require drivers to fit the following profile to be eligible for the good student discount

  • Between the ages of 16 and 25
  • Full-time high school or college student
  • Maintains a 3.0 or B grade point average

Some companies additionally require you to be on your school’s honor roll or dean’s list or earn a similar accolade.

If you’re a homeschooled student, you may still be eligible for good student discounts if you performed well in standardized tests like the PSAT, SAT, or ACT. Typically, companies stipulate that you must score in the 80th percentile to be eligible for this discount. 

Insurance companies have varying policies on how to send over proof of how “good” of a student you are, but generally you will have to email a copy of your current grade card, transcript, or a form signed by your school’s administrator to your insurance agent

Companies with Good Student Discounts

Below is a list of auto insurance companies with the most generous good student discounts:

CompanyGood Student Discount
AllstateUp to 35%
State FarmUp to 25%
American FamilyUp to 25%
Liberty MutualUp to 22%
SafecoUp to 16%
GEICOUp to 15%
NationwideUp to 15%
AAAUp to 15%
ProgressiveUp to 10%
EsuranceUp to 10%

Companies with Student-Away-at-School Discounts

If you’re a student at a college or school in another city or state from where you keep your car, you may be eligible for “student-away-at-school” or “resident student” discounts. These substantial discounts could mean a very cheap car insurance rate for you and your family. While requirements vary between providers, generally, if you attend school over 100 miles from where you keep your car, you should be eligible for the following discounts:

CompanyGood Student Discount
AAAUp to 30%
American FamilyUp to 25%
Auto-OwnersUp to 25%
SafecoUp to 20%
USAAUp to 20%
ProgressiveUp to 10%
MetLifeUp to 10%
AllstateUp to 5%
State FarmVaries
Liberty MutualVaries

When you compare rates on Insurify, these discounts will automatically be added to your profile depending on the information you provide. You can then compare car insurance rates and discounts between multiple companies in the same place! 

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More Car Insurance Discounts for Students

If you aren’t eligible for the good student discount or the student-away-at-home discount, you could still find ways to lower your auto insurance rates through these discounts: 

Discount Who offers it? Requirements
Multi-Policy Discount State Farm, Allstate, Esurance, Liberty Mutual; Most car insurance companies If you bundle your renters insurance with your car insurance policy, you could get up to 30 percent off. 
Multi-Car Discount State Farm, Allstate, Esurance, Liberty Mutual, Progressive, GEICO; Most car insurance companies If you insure multiple cars on the same policy, you could get a substantial discount. Consider getting a car insurance policy with your roommates or family members.
Driver Training Discount/teenSMART Discount AAA, Allstate, American Family, Erie, Esurance, Farmers, MetLife, Safeco, State Farm, Westfield, among others. Drivers (usually under 25) who complete an accredited driver’s education course can get a discount between 10 and 15 percent.
Safety Features Discount Progressive, Clearcover, Liberty Mutual, State Farm, GEICO, among others. If your car has anti-theft devices, extra airbags, anti-lock braking, electronic stability control, and other safety features, you could get a hefty discount.
Alumni Discount Progressive, GEICO, Liberty Mutual, State Farm, among others. Depending on where you attended high school or college, you could get a discount from certain car insurance providers.

The Easiest Way to Find Cheap Car Insurance for Students 

Between student loans and everyday expenses, being a student is already expensive, add in the sky-high car insurance premiums, and it can seem impossible to save. And a whole new set of expenses appear for recent college graduates.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You could be saving $1,000 a year on car insurance by using Insurify to compare rates. All you have to do is answer a few basic questions, and you can compare rates from 20 different companies at a time—for free!

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Updated April 27, 2021

Tanveen Vohra is currently a content writer for Insurify. Tanveen has a background in college media, having produced videos, news articles, and feature pieces for various student magazines and newspapers at SUNY Buffalo. She recently moved to the Boston area, and now works full-time for Insurify, helping produce blog content. In her spare time she frequents climbing gyms and explores film photography.