Insuring the American Driver

Trends in Costs & Coverage

Driving & fatality trends in 2021

In March, April, and May of 2021, Americans drove 32% more miles than during the same period in the previous spring, though mileage did not quite return to 2019 levels.

While the fatality rate decreased by 3% between spring 2020 and 2021, it remained 26% higher in 2021 than it was during the same period in 2019, suggesting that reckless driving habits adopted during initial pandemic shelter-in-place orders have endured well beyond the onset of the pandemic.

Chart showing car fatality rate in the US for 2021

Sources: National Safety Council & the Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research

The projected cost of auto insurance in 2022

Car insurance rates rose 12% in 2021 and are projected to rise another 5%* in 2022, likely influenced by rising inflation rates over the past year.

Chart showing projected car insurance rates for 2022

*Based on projections modeled from historical premium trends from Insurify's proprietary database.

What factors determine how much you pay for car insurance?

Where you live

The average car owner pays $137 per month for auto insurance, which is up 12% from 2020.

Heatmap of the US for car insurance
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Drivers who live in cities pay an additional $194 monthly for their policies compared to drivers who live outside of city limits.
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Your driving record

Driving violations significantly increase insurance cost calculator. A single prior traffic offense can hike up the price of your premium by an average of 35%.

Chart for driving violations
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For aggressive drivers, who have been charged with dangerous violations such as tailgating or reckless driving, auto insurance quotes are more than 25% more expensive than those for drivers with a clean record.

Your vehicle

Insuring the 3 most popular vehicles in the nation.

Ford F-Series Pickup

$1,619Ford F-Series Pickup

Honda Civic

$1,962Honda Civic

Honda Accord

$1,855Honda Accord
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Nothing is more quintessentially American than a Ford F-Series pickup. In fact, about 1 in 40 Americans drive one of these perennially popular trucks.

Who you are

Gender & age

Women pay 9% less for their car insurance than men and 14% less than non-binary policyholders on average.

Gender and Age graph
Marriage & home ownership

Unmarried homeowners spend the least on their car insurance, paying 8% less than married renters and 18% less than unmarried ones.

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Level of education

On average, drivers with a doctorate pay the least for their auto insurance, while those without a high school degree pay over 20% more.

Education level graph

Your coverage & discounts

Insurer discounts can lower premiums by up to 16%, which can get drivers cheap car insurance to save money significantly over time.

Bundling with homeowners insurance

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Average yearly savings


Senior driver safety training

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Average yearly savings


Military service

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Average yearly savings


About & methodology


Insurify’s Insuring the American Driver report is a comprehensive analysis of the 2021 car insurance quoting landscape, analyzing over 40 million auto insurance premiums.

It takes a closer look at the unique factors driving individual insurance costs, covers major events in the industry from this year, and offers projections for car insurance quotes looking ahead to 2022.

Insurify is the top-rated virtual insurance agent in America, offering instantaneous quote comparison for auto, home, and life insurance policies. Insurify has been used by over 7 million policyholders since 2017. It is also a valued source of data-driven trends, statistics, insights, and consumer education about the insurance industry.


The Insurify data science and research team examined over 40 million rates from car insurance applications in its proprietary database over the past year to develop exclusive insights into 2021 trends in auto insurance and driver behavior.

Insurify driver applications originate from all 50 states and Washington, D.C., and contain information on car owners’ vehicles, their driving history dating back seven years, and their demographic information.

The premiums recorded on Insurify’s comparison platform are driven directly by underwriting and rating software.

Data Attribution

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