Want better deals on auto insurance? This service scans your driver profile to get them. Read the latest reviews and scores for Gabi’s insurance comparison platform.

Gabi Insurance is an insurance services company and licensed insurance agency that claims to save customers hundreds on their insurance premiums. Based in San Francisco, Gabi promises to make insurance shopping easy, helping customers score better rates and the best price for several types of insurance, including life insurance, homeowners insurance, and auto insurance policies.

Gabi offers both auto and home insurance quotes through its proprietary agency.

Gabi has partnered with several car insurance companies, including Allstate, Travelers, Safeco, Nationwide, and Progressive, as well as newer insurance providers such as Clearcover (backed by American Family Insurance). Gabi will also offer quote options from insurance providers that are not necessarily their partners.

Gabi is a licensed insurance broker and agent in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Gabi claims to find customers an average savings of $961 per year on their insurance policies.

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Is Gabi legit?

Like fellow insurance comparison sites Insurify, The Zebra, and Jerry, Gabi is a legitimate service. But here’s what you need to know about how Gabi works before you use it. Gabi finds savings for users by starting with their current policy as a baseline. The website, Gabi.com, allows users to upload their policy information or connect their existing insurance account, and Gabi’s technology searches for a better price than what you’re currently paying.

Gabi will “shop” for auto, home, condo, and landlord insurance, as well as renters insurance and umbrella insurance packages. According to their website, they can also help customers compare motorcycle and RV insurance quotes. Gabi will shop for multi-product insurance discounts for which you’re eligible by bundling your insurance packages.

Gabi Insurance Reviews

After scanning your personal information like driving records, current insurance rates, and current coverage levels, Gabi’s team of licensed insurance agents will reach out via email or phone call with a better price …if they’re able to find one.

Because Gabi works with a wide range of insurers, it can provide a variety of packages and coverage levels, from basic to additional coverage (including add-ons like rental reimbursement and glass repair). Gabi will also unlock discounts for which you’re eligible, including multi-vehicle, safe driver, student, senior, safe driver, anti-theft, low mileage…. Whatever the insurance company will provide, Gabi will report to you to maximize your savings.

Gabi claims that its technology can find cheaper policies for “7 out of 10” customers, but those savings are apparently significant. The service claims to secure $961 on average per year for the same or better insurance coverage.

Gabi is a free and secure service. All credit card or other payments are directed through the insurance company—Gabi does not directly take payments from customers; it makes money by selling insurers’ policies.

Gabi is not a lead generation site, so users should not expect to get calls or emails from agencies or companies after visiting Gabi.

Gabi has an “A+” BBB rating from the Better Business Bureau and is officially accredited by the BBB, indicating that the business is likely to interact with its customers and ensure a satisfactory customer experience. However, the customer reviews on the consumer protection site tell a somewhat different story, with Gabi receiving an average of 1.88/5 out of 24 customer reviews.

Gabi Reviews: Here’s what customers are saying…

Will you save money using Gabi? What is a typical Gabi Insurance review like? Publicly available reviews have indicated that customers have been largely satisfied, and Gabi has a strong 4.8/5 rating on Google, with 1,753 customer reviews to date. In early 2021, Google user Mary Ann gave Gabi a resoundingly positive review, endorsing the site for its strong customer service and the 43% reduction on her insurance premium.

Other customers have found the process to be a bit more frustrating than anticipated. In early 2021, Joe Miresse complained of poor customer service and an inability to get agents on the phone.

This table shows Gabi’s official Insurify Composite Rating, based on a combination of reviews from aggregator sites:

SiteCustomer RatingNumber of Reviews
Facebook4.7 / 5350
Yelp3.5 / 586
HighYa4.8 / 51753
Total Score4.7 / 52,189

Gabi is rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 2189 reviews.

No matter your Gabi experience—whether it takes thirty minutes or not—your auto insurance quotes comparison shopping experience doesn’t have to end with Gabi.

Gabi vs. The Zebra

Gabi and The Zebra, another popular insurance comparison platform, both promise to deliver customers the best insurance comparison experience. But which company is best? 

Both sites are well-reviewed, with both boasting at least four out of five stars in customer reviews on Google. Both sites also share a similar mission: to let users quickly and easily compare car insurance quotes. Gabi, however, focuses on having its team access a customer’s current insurance policy to help find them new quotes. The site gives customers the ability to link their current insurance account to Gabi’s platform, or to manually upload a PDF of their current policy.

Because Gabi works best when it can examine a customer’s current policy, it might not be the best option for you if you’re new to the world of car insurance. Conversely, if you’re someone who doesn’t like to waste time manually inputting personal information and prefer a concierge-style service, Gabi might be a good idea.

By contrast, The Zebra emphasizes its ability to use AI to quickly deliver real quotes in real-time based on information inputted by the user. If you’re looking for the quickest possible online comparison experience or are new to the world of car insurance, The Zebra might be the way to go. The Zebra also offers many options to customize your policy type and determine whether you qualify for certain car insurance discounts, making it appealing to users who want a more hands-on, customizable experience.

Currently, unlike Insurify, neither The Zebra nor Gabi offer a way to compare life insurance products.

Gabi vs. Insurify

Insurify offers car insurance quotes comparison in a fraction of the time of its competitors, allowing you to view and compare quotes in two minutes and buy a quote in as little as five, while Gabi customers may have to wait up to 48 hours for a Gabi staff member to manually review their policy. Like Gabi, Insurify is free! And should you have any questions about your coverage options or discount opportunities, licensed agents are on the line 24/7.


Insurify’s comparison shopping experience uses parented and proprietary AI to empower you to make decisions about your personal insurance plan. You can and deserve to find the best rate for your personal needs and risk profile.

If you’re looking for lower pricing on your premiums and car insurance rates that won’t break the bank, Insurify can help you find car insurance quotes with the exact coverage you specify at a price that works for you. Insurify customers don’t only find the right new car insurance plan for them––they also save up to $996 annually! Insurify’s quote-comparison experience is always 100% free––and customers will never receive frustrating unsolicited spam calls or texts. 

In Brief: Gabi Car Insurance 101

What does Gabi do?

Gabi Personal Insurance Agency allows auto and home insurance shoppers to upload their policy info directly to their site. Gabi’s team of licensed insurance agents will then reach out to the customer with better rates if they’re able to find any.

What are the pros and cons of using Gabi?

Gabi has above-average customer satisfaction ratings on various online review sites. Many insurance shoppers appreciate the savings the Gabi team can secure on their policy. However, some shoppers have noted that Gabi is not as convenient as a 100% online auto insurance quotes comparison site, which can offer same-day online policy purchases.

How is Insurify different from Gabi?

Insurify offers free auto insurance quotes comparison in all fifty states, using artificial intelligence technology to match drivers with real, ready-to-buy insurance quotes that fit their needs and preferred coverage limits. Insurify allows customers to buy and find their policy 100% online. Gabi employs a team of agents who scan your policy information, which insurance shoppers have to provide manually. It offers savings, but the overall process might take several days.

More about Gabi

Founded in 2016 in California, Gabi Personal Insurance Agency, Inc. is currently led by CEO, Dr. Hanno Fichtner.

In 2017, Gabi raised $2.6 million in seed funding from SV Angel and A.Capital Ventures. In 2018, it raised a Series A round of $9.5 million, led by Canvas Ventures. In 2020, It raised another round of $27 million, led by Mubadala Capital.

Contact Information

Headquarters106 Lincoln Blvd #106
San Francisco, CA 94129
Phone number(415) 842-2411

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Updated July 23, 2021

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