Amica is well known for being loved by its customers. 

Its customer service record is one of the best out there, as it boasts 94 percent customer retention and a J.D. Power rating of “among the best” for customer satisfaction. However, Amica does fall short in one important car insurance consideration: it has higher premiums than many of its competitors.

Some might say you get what you pay for, but Amica isn’t the only car insurance company out there with a strong customer service record. So if your car insurance premium is making too large of a dent in your budget, it may be time to start looking around for another car insurance provider

Just make sure that you make the right comparison when you start looking for a new car insurance company. Finding a competitive customer service team is one thing, but are you getting the right coverage for a better price? 

Getting quotes on your own from different car insurance companies can be tedious. Who wants to enter the same personal data again and again and then figure out if you’re looking at the same car insurance coverage

Luckily, you don’t have to. Insurify lets you create a comprehensive profile in minutes to get you personalized quotes based on your personal information and car insurance needs.

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At a Glance: What is Amica’s cancellation policy?

The good news is that if you want to cancel your Amica auto insurance policy in the middle of your policy term, it’s a hassle-free process. All you have to do is call the main customer service line at 1 (800) 242-6422 to request to cancel. Just note that there is a $25 flat fee for canceling in the middle of a policy term. 

Step 1: Look up your renewal date. 

Do you know when your car insurance renewal date is? If you don’t, this is where you need to start before getting any further in the cancellation process. 

Since Amica charges a $25 cancellation fee for an early policy cancellation, you can either accept the fee and plan to cancel anytime mid-policy term or hold off and let the policy come to an end without renewing. 

For those who want to avoid the $25 fee, the renewal date is an important date to keep in mind as you begin to compare your options. Potential providers will want to know when your policy ends, and you’ll need to coordinate a new policy start date with your current policy’s end date. 

Renewal dates are listed on ID cards, which are viewable in the mobile app. You can also view your policy details by logging into your account on or calling your agent. 

Step 2: Compare car insurance quotes.

You’ve probably gotten mailers or email ads from big-name car insurance companies like State Farm or Nationwide. But you should consider more the names you know as you begin your car insurance comparison journey.

A lot of information goes into car insurance quotes. Your credit score, bundling discounts for other car or home insurance policies, and even your address impact your quote—and that’s before taking into account the coverage you apply for. 

To get an accurate idea of how car insurance rates compare to each other, you need to think about what those policies include. Consider these four questions when comparing car insurance quotes

  • What are the coverage options? Make sure your auto coverage components and policy limits are equivalent to or better than your existing policy. If you want to reduce or increase your car insurance coverage or limits with your next policy, just keep in mind that this would also affect your Amica premium.
  • What’s the deductible for the policy? Deductibles can have a big impact on your auto insurance premium. When you compare quotes, make sure you compare coverages with the same deductible.
  • What other perks are included? Amica policies come with deductible-free glass repair and roadside assistance. For higher-tier policies, there is even an accident forgiveness program. Consider whether things like broken glass or towing are included in your new policy or are only available as add-on coverage for purchase. It’s up to you whether these perks are important to you, but consider what’s being lost or added when getting a new policy
  • What other insurance products are offered? If you currently bundle your homeowners or renters insurance policy with your Amica car insurance policy, you’ll want to see if you have a similar option with a competitor—especially if a discount is involved.

If this sounds like a lot to remember, it’s because it is! But don’t let that scare you away from comparing multiple car insurance quotes

Instead, head over to Insurify to try out the comparison tool. In just a few minutes, you can create a personal profile with all of your preferences and get personalized quotes. 

Step 3: Think about why you’re leaving Amica.

Since Amica excels in customer service, there’s a good chance that the cost of your premium is leading you to look elsewhere for a policy. 

Even if price is your main motivator for leaving, you should think about your whole experience with Amica. One thing to consider is the claims process. After all, you have insurance in case you need to use it, so you want filing an insurance claim to be seamless. 

It’s also worth thinking about your relationship with your agent. Are you happy with your assigned insurance agent, or would you rather work with a central office? The way customer service is structured can impact your experience, so take some time to reflect on what works and what doesn’t. 

Step 4: Enroll in a new car insurance policy. 

Once you’ve found the perfect new policy for you, it’s time to purchase. Yes, before you cancel your Amica policy

To protect yourself financially (and follow the law), you need to have a new car insurance policy in place before you cancel your existing policy. This is to avoid a lapse in insurance coverage. Not only is it illegal to drive without insurance, but having continuous coverage is often factored into your car insurance quotes

After you compare quotes with Insurify, you can complete the process right from the site. Just choose your ideal offer from your Insurify results to be taken straight to your new insurer’s website to complete the enrollment process. 

Step 5: Cancel your Amica policy. 

You’ve done your research, compared quotes, and finally found the perfect new auto insurance policy. All that’s left to do now is cancel your Amica auto insurance policy

Policyholders can cancel an existing Amica auto insurance policy by calling the main customer service line at 1 (800) 242-6422. 

Step 6: Follow up on your refund. 

If you’re canceling your policy mid-policy term, you’ll be due a refund for the unused portion of your policy (minus the cancellation fee). When you cancel your policy, make sure to get the details of how much your refund will be and when and how you’ll receive it. 

Then, make sure you get it. Check your bank account or credit card statement regularly to see if the refund has made its way through. If you don’t see a refund by the time Amica said you should, give them a call to check the status. 

Amica Car Insurance Cancellation: Quick Questions

What should I do before canceling my car insurance with Amica?

It’s important to line up a new car insurance policy before you cancel your car insurance with Amica. Make sure you compare quotes and actually enroll in a new policy before cutting ties. It’s the only way to get the best price for the coverage you need and protect yourself from driving uninsured.

Does Amica charge a cancellation fee?

Yes, Amica charges a $25 cancellation fee for policies canceled before the end of the policy term.

Where can I find new car insurance after I've canceled my Amica policy?

Finding a new car insurance company is easy when you use a website like Insurify to get quotes. In just a few clicks, you can get personalized quotes from multiple insurance companies, all at the same time. And you won’t find quotes from only well-known names, like Nationwide or State Farm. Insurify can help you find quotes from smaller and regional companies as well.

Browse, Compare, Discover with Insurify today.

Updated September 30, 2020

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