Warning: Could Your State Have the Most Dangerous Drivers? [Infographic]

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Published December 17, 2019

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Click here to see the 2020 Most Dangerous Driving States.

Some states have bragging rights for having the most job growth or the hottest nightlife, whereas others…well, they have the worst drivers in America.

The holidays are upon us again, and that means 104 million Americans are projected to hit the roads for this end-of-the-year travel season according to INRIX. That’s a full 91 percent of holiday travelers making their way to their destinations by car. As always, it’s in drivers’ best interest to be aware of the risks along their journey. While nowhere is free from bad drivers, some states have a larger share of law-breaking car owners than others.

To determine the riskiest states for traffic incidents, the data science and research team at Insurify, an online auto insurance quotes comparison platform, assessed the auto insurance applications of 1.9 million car insurance applicants. When applying for a policy, car owners must disclose their driving records, including any moving violations from the past seven years. Analysts compared the number of drivers with infractions against the total population of drivers to determine the state with the highest share of offending drivers in the country.

If your travel plans are taking you through one of the most dangerous states, you should be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some of America’s worst drivers – especially if you’re one of them.

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