Land of the Freeway: Most Popular Cars by State (2019)

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Published February 21, 2019

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Though we don’t all agree on our favorite car, the states are quite united when it comes to vehicle loyalty.

Ten cars alone claim the title of “most popular car” in at least one U.S. state. While being the most common car on the road is not necessarily a guarantee of quality, oftentimes, widespread loyalty indicates that a car is a good match for a broad range of American drivers. For this reason, it’s worth taking note of which cars come out on top in each state.

The data scientists at Insurify, a car insurance quotes comparison website, crunched the numbers to see which cars took home the gold. This ranking reflects the most common cars currently being driven, not necessarily the hottest models on this year’s sales floors. So not only do these cars dominate the roadways of their states, they have a history with them as well. Here are the most popular cars by state.


The most popular and common cars on the road by state

  • Honda reigns supreme. Two Honda models – the Accord and the Civic – leave the competition in the dust, as the most popular cars in 42 percent of states. This may come as a surprise, as domestic brands are the most popular nationally. In fact, in over half of states nationwide, Chevrolet is the dominant make of cars on the road. As domestic brands command the market, they also provide broader lineups of cars that appeal to many American drivers. Honda, on the other hand, makes up a smaller share of the market, but has reaped the benefits of fewer models that hold widespread favor with drivers across the country.

  • Regional blocs. Much of brand loyalty may be homegrown, as region appears to be a strong predictor of model popularity. As an example, the Chevrolet Impala is the dominant car in seven states, all of which are contiguous in the mid-northern region of the country. Additionally, the southern United States appears to have an affinity for the Nissan Altima, while the Eastern seaboard states are topped by the Honda Accord.

  • Some Underdog Victories. The car brands that rank number one across U.S. states are Ford, Honda, Toyota, and Chevrolet. However, even though Nissan and Subaru are not the most popular make in any state, both have models that are the most popular car in a collective total of almost 20 percent of states.


Insurify, a platform that lets users compare auto insurance quotes, analyzed its data from over 1.6 million car insurance applications, which ask questions about vehicle type, driving history, and personal information. The vehicle type responses were then grouped by state, and models were ranked by the number of states in which they occupied the number one slot in terms of popularity. Statistics on MSRP and MPG originate from the manufacturers’ websites, with the least expensive 2019 package used for comparison (exception: 2018 statistics were used for the Ford Focus as 2019 prices had not yet been announced as of February, 2019).

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