Homeownership may be the pinnacle of the American Dream, but it’s no walk in the park.

Whether it’s a leaky pipe, a broken fence, or the pressing decision of what color to repaint the living room, there’s always something on a homeowner’s to-do list. Securing solid home insurance is no exception. Whether you’re a new or long-time homeowner, there’s never a bad time to reconsider your homeowners insurance policy.

There’s one thing homeowners often overlook in their insurance shopping process– home insurance discounts. With the endless costs associated with homeownership, most Americans wouldn’t mind saving some extra money anywhere they can. Home insurance is no exception, that’s where home insurance discounts come in. From sprinklers to deadbolts, policyholders can get creative on different home insurance discounts they may be eligible for. Here’s your ultimate guide to saving money on home insurance with home insurance discounts

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Home Insurance Discounts: An Overview

Each home insurance company has unique discounts, amounting to different levels of savings, and different qualifying factors. There are more than a dozen common home insurance discounts you will be able to find with most major home insurance companies. When shopping around for insurance quotes, be sure to discuss eligibility requirements with the insurance agents that represent these big companies. Don’t let the savings slip away!

Bundling and Multi-Policy Discounts

By sticking with a single insurance company for all of your insurance needs, you may earn significant multi-policy discounts

For obvious reasons, insurance companies love when you use more than one of their products. If you opt to bundle your home and auto insurance, you may cut your insurance costs significantly. If you’d had a good customer service experience with a particular company, it could pay off to see what sort of bundling discounts they may offer you if you add another policy to your account, you may even be able to save on your car insurance, too. Most major home insurance companies like State Farm, Allstate, and SafeCo offer bundling incentives. 

Loyalty Discounts: Sticking Around Pays Off

Like all businesses, home insurance companies love customer retention, and may even reward you for sticking around. 

By maintaining policies year after year with a single company, policyholders can score major savings by proving their loyalty to a single company. Loyalty discounts can earn you big savings on your next homeowners insurance quote.

Low Claim Rate Discount

Fewer claims = more savings. 

If you’ve gone years without filing any home insurance claims with your insurance company, they may reward you by giving you a discount on your homeowners insurance policy. Since you’ll be considered less of a risk to home insurance companies, they’ll likely lower your rates. Most of the time, insurance companies won’t just hand out discounts, so be sure to ask if you could qualify for a low claim rate discount.

At-Home Safety System Discount

Insurance companies love to see you taking the safety of your home seriously. So much so, that they’ll even grant home insurance discounts to those who prove they’re taking extra steps towards at-home safety.

This may include an electronic home security system like a burglar alarm, deadbolts on your front door, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and sprinkler systems. Monitored security systems protect your home against burglars and theft, while fire alarms, extinguishers, and sprinklers can stop a disaster before they start. These safety precautions may earn you a significant discount on your home insurance policy. Having an alarm system can help protect your family, your belongings, and your wallet.

Proximity to your local fire department or other emergency services may also lower your home insurance rate. This is an easy discount for homeowners in urban and suburban areas with fire and police departments just a few blocks away, but for those in rural areas, it may be harder to obtain.

Choosing the Right Renovations

Roofing is probably not the most exciting element of your house to splurge on, but it sure is important. Impact-resistant roofing is a worthwhile investment for homeowners, especially those in areas with extreme-weather patterns like hail. Water leaks may cause extensive damage to your home and personal property. If you’re prone to water damage caused by faulty roofing, it may be time to upgrade to a new roof. Insurance companies recognize new roofing as well as other home improvements as a sort of safety net to your home, which may result in further home insurance premium discounts. 

Community Impact 

Where you live can have a significant impact on your home insurance quotes and the homeowners insurance discounts you may be eligible for. 

Even from one street to another, home insurance costs may vary greatly. This is especially true for those who live in gated communities. These living arrangements generally result in lower crime rates, which is obviously desirable to home insurance companies. ZIP codes themselves may also impact your homeowners policy. For those with higher burglary and other crime rates, prices of insurance coverage will reflect accordingly. 

Belonging to a Homeowners Association (HOA) may get you a home insurance discount depending on your insurance company. Since HOAs have a high standard of maintenance, that can mean fewer claims filed with your insurance company

Demographic Impact

Older Americans will generally be quoted lower home insurance premiums than their younger counterparts. Generally, those who are retired tend to be home more of the day than those who leave their houses for the office. 

Since most home break-ins occur in broad daylight, if you’re home all day, your home is at a much lower risk for daytime burglary. The same goes for people who work from home. Insurers know that households with someone home most of the time are able to stop an emergency in its tracks, whether that’s a burglar or a fire alarm. Home insurance companies may even grant discounts if you’re married or widowed. 

Another far-fetched discount: the non-smoker deal. With the increased risk of accidental fires due to smoking-related activities, insurance companies are ready to reward you if you stay away from the activity.

Conclusion: There’s a Home Insurance Discount for Everyone 

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or are simply looking to find a better deal on your homeowners insurance, it’s important to be aware of all the discounts you may be eligible for. Don’t forget to shop around for different home insurance quotes before settling for the first policy you find. Use Insurify to compare dozens of quotes in seconds, and don’t waste another penny on high home insurance rates

Compare home insurance quotes in two minutes

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Updated March 24, 2020

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