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COVID-19 Update [May 8, 5:29 PM]
Safety is giving its auto insurance policyholders a 15 percent Safety Personal Auto Relief Credit. Pending regulatory approval, any personal auto policyholder that has a policy in effect as of April 1, 2020 will receive the credit off their premium for the months of April and May.

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Founded in 1979, Safety Insurance is available to residents of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine through a network of independent insurance agents. Customers have access to a VIP Claims Center, which provides access to one-day claims and repair services at designated centers.

Who Benefits Most and Least from Safety Insurance?

Best For…

  • Students looking for discounts 
  • Boston-area drivers looking for affordable coverage
  • Drivers looking to bundle car insurance with other policies

Not the Best For… 

  • Rideshare drivers looking for coverage
  • Drivers who prioritize advanced features or advanced mobile apps

Safety: Not the biggest, but best in service?

Safety Insurance’s values are right there in the name: it’s committed to driver safety, all while providing best-in-class service. Its dedication to safety and service has made this Boston-based insurance provider one of the most respected in the region. So what sets Safety apart from the pack?

One main benefit of Safety is affordability. Compared to other similar insurance providers, Safety’s quotes are lower while still offering a diverse range of insurance products. Better yet, Safety’s commitment to excellent service means its claims process is efficient and hassle-free (thanks in part to its quality mobile app). 

Safety Insurance is also family-friendly. Safety’s student discounts make it a great option if you have a younger driver in the family. And its safe driving discount gives the whole family an incentive to be careful on the roads. 

One drawback of Safety is the fact that it’s only available in a few states. Unless you’re a driver in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or Maine, you’re out of luck. Another limitation of Safety is its lack of rideshare coverage. If you’re an Uber or Lyft driver looking for coverage while on the job, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere for auto insurance

Safety Car Insurance J.D. Power Ratings by Region (out of 1,000)

RegionRatingsState Average
New England813About average

Safety Car Insurance Quotes and Discounts

When you’re shopping for car insurance, doing your research pays off. Comparing quotes and discounts across different insurance companies is the best way to make sure you’re getting the best deal. To help you find the best deal on comprehensive coverage, here’s how Safety Insurance stacks up against the competition.

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Auto Insurance Quotes Comparison: Safety vs. Progressive and GEICO

How does Safety Insurance compare to the competition? To get to the bottom of this question, Insurify’s data team analyzed quotes from other companies in some specific scenarios. Below are the average quotes from Safety, Progressive, and GEICO for a driver with a clean driving record under the age of 40 in Massachusetts:

Insurance companyQuote

As you can see, Safety offers the lowest quotes for Massachusetts drivers under 40 with a clean driving record. And keep in mind these monthly premiums are calculated before discounts, so you might be looking at even lower prices for any of these companies. All this is to say, Safety Insurance is an affordable option for younger drivers.

Here are the average quotes for Massachusetts drivers with a speeding ticket on their driving record:

Insurance companyQuote

Here Safety Insurance isn’t the cheapest option, offering a premium slightly higher than GEICO, but still lower than Progressive. Once again, these are the prices before discounts. As you can see, Safety Insurance is a good option for drivers who might not have a spotless driving record.

Perhaps you’re a driver that had to file a claim from an at-fault accident in the recent past. Here’s how these three companies compare:

Insurance companyQuote

Once again, Safety Insurance comes out lower than Progressive but a bit more expensive than GEICO. Accidents happen—and it’s good to know there are affordable options out there for drivers who’ve been involved in an accident in the recent past.

Insurance prices are always changing and can be even cheaper when you factor in discounts—so know that these might not be the prices you see when you shop for car insurance. To make sure you’re getting the right price, never forget to compare auto insurance quotes online.

Drivers Can SAVE with these Discounts from Safety 

Safety Insurance offers plenty of car insurance discounts that can help customers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine get a great value on their coverage. One of the company’s best deals is its Multi-Policy Discount. This means if you purchase another type of insurance from Safety in addition to auto insurance, you can knock 15 percent off of your price. These policies include Businessowners, Commercial Auto, Commercial Package, Commercial Umbrella, Dwelling Fire, Homeowners, or Personal Umbrella insurance.

Safety also offers a diverse range of discounts for students. Its Good Student Discount decreases insurance by 10 percent for customers who maintain an average of B or better or make the Dean’s List. There’s also a 10 percent Student Away at School Discount for students on your car insurance policy who are over 100 miles away without regular access to their vehicle. 

Safety Insurance also gives a small bonus to its loyal customers thanks to Safety’s Loyalty Discount, which can take four percent off your monthly premiums if you remain a Safety customer for multiple continuous years. Here are a few other standout Safety discounts:

Excellent Driver Plus Discount up to 24%
Excellent Driver Discountup to 10%
Crash Prevention Training Discountup to 5%
Multiple Vehicle Discount up to 10%
e-Customer Discountup to 3%

Safety Insurance Company values its customers who stay safe on the road, engaged with their schoolwork, and loyal to their Safety policy. Those values form the core of its discount offerings.

Learn more about auto insurance discounts here

States Where Safety Car Insurance is Offered

Safety Insurance is available to customers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Car insurance discounts vary on a state-by-state basis. Coverage options are generally similar across states, with slight differences. For instance, commercial package coverage is only available in Massachusetts

Read more about these common components of your car insurance coverage here. 

Safety Auto Insurance Coverages

  • Liability coverage: This vital type of coverage guarantees that you’ll be able to pay for another driver’s damages if you cause an accident. That’s why it’s a necessary form of insurance in just about every state. 
  • Personal injury protection (PIP): When you get in an accident, there’s the unfortunate possibility of medical expenses or even funeral expenses. Safety Insurance offers personal injury protection so that you can cover those costs in the event of an accident.
  • Collision coverage: Collision coverage helps you pay for repairs or a replacement car if your car is severely damaged in an accident. A collision can refer to either hitting another vehicle or hitting a physical object like a fence or tree. 
  • Disappearing Collision Deductible: It’s sometimes hard figuring out the right deductible for you. Luckily a Disappearing Collision Deductible (also known as a vanishing deductible) means your deductible goes down each year you drive accident-free.
  • Rental Vehicle Loss of Income Coverage: If you have a rental agreement in place for your vehicle, you’re bound to lose income if your car is involved in an accident and unable to be used. That’s why this coverage pays out of the loss of income incurred while the damaged vehicle is being replaced or repaired.
  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost: If you’ve owned your car for under a year and have fewer than 18,000 miles on it, Safety will replace your vehicle  with a vehicle of a similar kind and quality—without a depreciation. That means you don’t lose value if you have to replace your new car. Learn more about typical replacement or repair costs
  • Personal Effects: Your car isn’t the only loss after an accident. You also might have your phone and laptop in your vehicle. With Personal Effects coverage, Safety will reimburse you for the loss of these items. 
  • Emergency Road Travel Expenses: An accident or vehicle theft is a headache wherever it happens—but things can get especially tricky if that accident occurs more than 100 miles from home. In this case, Safety will help you get home at no cost.
  • Supplemental Towing and Labor: You aren’t the only one who has to get moving after an accident. Your car also might need to be towed to the shop. And this supplemental towing coverage also has your back if you lock your keys in your vehicle. But how much should you tip the tow truck driver?
  • Extended Substitute Transportation: This coverage makes sure you’re reimbursed in the event of an accident that calls for the use of substitute transportation.

Other Special Auto Coverages Offered by Safety Insurance

The coverage options above are part of Safety’s Safety Shield auto insurance policy, which offers a comprehensive suite of coverage. But what if you’re looking to go the extra mile? Then you might want to learn more about its Safety Shield Plus insurance policy, which includes this coverage:

  • Accident forgiveness: An accident can stay on your record for a while. Luckily, Accident Forgiveness with Safety means your premiums won’t go up after an at-fault accident. Accident Forgiveness isn’t always a simple process and might not be right for every driver, so talk to a Safety Insurance agent to learn more about Accident Forgiveness. 
  • Expanded Personal Effects Coverage: This form of personal effects coverage goes above and beyond so that items in your car during an accident are covered.
  • Pet Coverage: If your pet is injured during an accident, Pet Coverage can ensure their medical expenses are covered. 
  • Auto Loan/Lease Gap: If there’s an unpaid amount due on the lease or loan of your vehicle, Safety will pay the remaining amount if your car is a total loss.

Read more about commonly added special auto insurance coverages here. 

Other Insurance Products Offered by Safety Insurance

Safety Insurance offers a pretty significant multi-policy discount—so it’s worth looking into its other insurance products and considering bundling. Here are the other products Safety offers:

  • Homeowners Insurance: Keeping your home covered in the event of damage is easy with Safety. Safety protects your building from damage in the event of a fire or extreme weather, which includes supplemental structures, like your garage. You can also get personal liability coverage included in your homeowners insurance from Safety, which helps keep covered even if you’re at fault. 
  • Dwelling Fire Insurance: Safety has non-owner occupied one or two-family residences covered in the event of a fire. And remember: bundling this coverage with your auto insurance will earn you a five percent discount. 
  • Personal and Commercial Umbrella Insurance: Safety’s umbrella insurance offers excess liability coverage if you go $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 over the limits of your policy. Again, a five percent discount is yours if you bundle with your homeowners and auto insurance from Safety.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Your car might not be the only vehicle you’re trying to protect. Business-owned private passenger vehicles, trucks, tractors and trailers, and fleets of vehicles also need coverage, which Safety can help you with. Keep in mind; this is a bit different from rideshare insurance
  • Business Insurance: Business owners need to protect their business’s property, as well as their equipment. With Safety’s Business Owners Insurance, your establishment and everything that comes with it is covered. 

How Can I Buy Auto Insurance from Safety?

Ready to buy auto insurance from Safety? To get started, simply go to the Safety Insurance official website, click Find An Agent to connect with an agent near you. 

Before getting in touch with an agent, you might want to find a policy quote online. While this is useful, the quote you receive might not be up-to-date or include all of the discounts you qualify for. 

To guarantee you’re getting the most up-to-date quote on your dream policy, use Insurify to seamlessly compare real quotes across top insurance companies

How Can I Pay for My Safety Car Insurance Policy?

There are plenty of ways to pay for your Safety car insurance policy, including: 

  • Automatic online bill payment
  • Phone payment
  • Mail payment
  • Bank payment/Direct deposit
  • Debit/credit card payment

How Often Will Safety Increase My Premiums

An auto insurance customer’s biggest headache? Increasing premiums! So when you’re shopping for a car insurance policy, you want to go with a company that won’t increase your premiums too often or too steeply. Here’s what to expect with Safety Insurance

  • Will my rate go up after the first accident? If you’re enrolled in Accident Forgiveness with the Safety Shield Plus plan, you won’t have to worry about your premiums increasing after an accident. If you aren’t enrolled, you can likely expect your rate to increase. Luckily, Safety’s premiums tend to start out on the lower side anyway. 
  • Will my rate go up if I was not at fault? It depends, but in most cases, a car insurance company won’t penalize you for simply being unlucky. So if you get in an accident that isn’t your fault, you don’t have to worry about your insurance premiums increasing. That said, it can vary by state. For instance, Massachusetts is a “no-fault state,” which means blame isn’t assigned after an accident, and instead, your insurance company pays for damages up to a certain dollar amount.
  • Does the company raise rates for staying on the policy? Safety Insurance offers a loyalty discount, so you’ll actually see your costs go down if you stick with Safety for awhile. 
  • Does it have an accident forgiveness program? Safety does have an Accident Forgiveness program. 

Insurance premiums can be volatile. You might find that your rate goes up without explanation sometimes. That’s why it’s probably a good idea to shop for car insurance every six months. That way, you’re always up to date on the cheapest options, thanks to Insurify’s extensive database of car insurance quotes.

How Does Safety ’s Claims Process Work? 

Filing a claim can be a high-stress situation. You’re likely a bit rattled after a car accident or an instance of auto theft. That’s why many insurance companies do their best to make the claims process as straightforward as possible. 

If you have an independent agent, you can call them when you need to file a claim. But if you want to work directly with Safety, you can call its 24-hour line at 1 (800) 951-2100 (if you’re outside of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, dial 1 (617) 951-0600).

Maybe you prefer to file a claim online. If so, you can go to the Safety website and use the Report A Claim feature in the My Account section or use Safety Mobile on your smartphone. 

When you’re filing a claim, you’ll want to collect some important information, like the date and time, the location of the accident, the make and model of your car, and the make and model of the car you got in an accident with. Here’s some more information you might want to collect.

You can then bring your car to one of Safety’s many inspection locations or VIP Claims Centers to get your car inspected and appraised for damages. If your car is too damaged to drive, an appraiser will be in touch to assess your damages. 

Appraising your damaged vehicle can take some time. To keep up with your claims process, you can follow the progress of your claim on the Safety Insurance website. Then it’s time to get your payment—which hopefully only takes a matter of weeks. This payment can be made directly to the repair shop that is working on your car. Or, if the vehicle is a total loss, the payment will be made directly to you.

Safety has a few “referral shops” that will repair your car for the cost of the appraisal. Of course, you can take your business to any repair shop you choose—but working with Safety’s “referral shops” means Safety is better able to guarantee the quality of your repairs. Safety also ensures high-quality aftermarket parts are used during repairs.

If you have glass damage, the process is slightly different. In this case, call the Safety Glass Claim Call Center at 1 (877) 615-6576 to report a glass loss.

Customers appreciate that Safety enables them to file claims on the phone, online, or on an app. These options help make the process easier. That said, some customers cite frustrating experiences dealing with insurance agents at Safety. To learn more about customer experiences, check out the reviews section below.

How Can I Cancel My Safety Car Insurance Policy?

Maybe you’ve decided to move on from Safety Insurance. If that’s the case, canceling your policy is simple. Simply give your agent 20 days’ written notice of your decision to cancel. Remember, you can reach out to Safety at its 24-hour line at 1 (800) 951-2100. Don’t worry, there are no cancellation fees. And if you are only looking to cancel optional parts of your policy without canceling your whole policy with Safety, you’re able to do that by contacting your agent as well.

When you cancel your policy, you’ll want to find a new one right away—because having a lapse in coverage is illegal in most states. To stay insured, don’t forget to buy a new policy and set its start date to be on the day your canceled plan expires. That way, you never miss a day. And remember, to compare quotes and find the right policy for you in no time, always remember to check out Insurify.

How Much Does Uber/Lyft Coverage Cost with Safety?

Unfortunately, Safety Insurance does not offer rideshare coverage. 

To learn more about rideshare coverage and find companies that offer this for Uber and Lyft drivers, click here.

Insurance Companies Similar to Safety

Safety Insurance offers plenty of features drivers look for. It has great discounts for students, savings for safe drivers, and a refreshingly simple claims process. Safety might have everything you need—but what if you don’t live in one of the three states Safety serves?

Luckily, there are similar insurance companies that serve different parts of the country. For instance, industry giant Allstate offers a similar discount for college students who are over 100 miles away from home. And Farmers Insurance, which serves all 50 states, provides a discount for students who maintain a high GPA and a multi-policy discount for drivers who want to bundle their car insurance policy with another policy. But keep in mind, these companies may offer higher premiums. 

Or maybe you’re a driver based in Boston looking for insurers in the region who compete directly with Safety. Some of these popular companies include Arbella Insurance and Plymouth Rock Assurance, both of which boast similarly high financial strength ratings and J.D. Power customer satisfaction ratings. 

According to Insurify’s internal database of over 2 million car insurance applications and analysis of external sources, people who previously held Safety auto insurance policies and decided to switch providers most often switched to Travelers and Liberty Mutual

Safety Customer Satisfaction and Policyholder Reviews

Overall, reviews from Safety customers are mixed. A handful of customers described satisfying, efficient experiences built around helpful service:

One user appreciated that you could easily access information about your claim on the Safety website:

And this loyal Safety customer has found the company to be one they can rely on for years and years:

But a few customers were upset about the level of customer service they received with Safety. For instance, this customer was not satisfied by the claims process and found Safety overpriced:

And this person was annoyed that their agent didn’t consistently answer his calls:

Overall, it appears customer service with Safety is a bit hit or miss. Luckily, a good amount of customers found responsive agents, which has lead to years of consistently satisfying service.

Safety Insurance has an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. Despite that high rating, reviews on the Better Business Bureau website were mixed. For instance, this reviewer found that Safety changed its policy on the fly and in unexpected ways:

Safety Mobile App Review

The Safety Mobile app is available on iOS and Android—which means any customer with a smartphone can use Safety’s app to access their account and stay informed on their claims.

From the palm of your hand, you can pay bills, file a claim, access your auto insurance card, contact your agent, view your claim history, and set alerts when payments are due. Safety also updates its app regularly so that bugs get fixed, and new features get added. 

Safety has also recently launched Drive with Safety, a telematics feature on the app that enables parents to track their teen’s driving habits. The application detects unsafe behavior, like speeding or driving while distracted.

Few customer reviews mention the app, which suggests that the Safety Mobile app isn’t central to the customer experience overall. It seems like Safety’s app isn’t a necessity but is a nice supplemental tool if you’re looking to access Safety on the go.

App storeRatings (Out of 5)User reviews
Mobile App (iOS) 2.48
Mobile App (Android) 3.5153

Frequently Asked Questions: Safety Car Insurance

How do I get a Safety Insurance policy?

Getting started with Safety Insurance is simple. All you need to do is go to the Safety Insurance website and click on “Find An Agent” on the front page. You can then connect with a nearby agent who will outline your coverage options and find the right policy for you. Remember, Safety Insurance is only available in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.

How do you file claims with Safety?

There are plenty of ways to file claims with Safety. Your best option is to either call your independent agent or reach out to Safety via its 24-hour line at 1 (800) 951-2100. You can also file claims on the Safety website by going to My Account or with the Safety Mobile app from your iPhone or Android.

How do Safety Insurance’s quote compare to other top companies?

In general, Safety has lower quotes than many competitors. But to make sure you’re getting the right coverage at the right price, you’ll want to compare auto insurance quotes regularly with Insurify. That way you can keep up with price changes, factor in discounts and better understand the car insurance landscape.

Is Safety the cheapest car insurance in your area?

Safety Insurance is a regional insurance company that customers in the Boston-area have come to trust. Safety is a customer-oriented brand that values loyalty, safe driving, and affordability. It’s no wonder families have counted on Safety for their auto insurance needs.

While Safety really does offer some great deals, it’s essential to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Comparing quotes across companies is the best way to make sure you’re getting the coverage you need at the cheapest price.

That’s where Insurify comes in. Insurify makes it easy to compare car insurance quotes side by side. 

Gone are the days of jumping from site to site, doing your best to get a clear picture of your car insurance options. Now all the information you need is in one place—and it’s accurate, up-to-date, and easy to navigate.

Safety Auto Insurance Overview

Safety Insurance was founded in 1979, and in just a few decades has become one of the leading insurance providers for drivers in Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Safety offers a full range of insurance policies, including auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, dwelling fire insurance, and more. Safety has expanded its insurance product offerings over the years, all while remaining committed to top-notch customer service.

Safety has earned 2 out of 5 stars in customer satisfaction from J.D. Power and Associates and an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. Safety also earned an A rating from A.M. Best, denoting excellent financial stability.

Safety Insurance’s President and CEO is George M. Murphy. 

Safety Contact Information

Customer service phone numberMassachusetts and New Hampshire residents- 1 (800) 951-2100
Others- 1 (617) 951-0600)
Customer service email
Headquarters addressSafety Insurance Company
20 Custom House Street
Boston, MA 02110

Claims service phone number1 (800) 951-2100
Premium PaymentsSafety Insurance Company PO Box 371312 Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7312
Premium Accounting-DirectSafety Insurance Company
PO Box 55089
Boston, MA 02205-5089
Overnight Mail - Premium PaymentsSafety Insurance Company
Premium Accounting Dept. PAC-12
20 Custom House St
Boston, MA 02110

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