Jetty Renters Insurance Reviews: Is it the best choice for you?

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Updated July 23, 2021

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Did your landlord offer you renters insurance through a new insurance company called Jetty? Is Jetty also offering to pay your security deposit for a fee? Seems a bit weird, right? But if you read a bit more about Jetty renters insurance, you might be glad you did.

The insurance industry is changing. Companies like Lemonade are taking a tech-powered approach, with a glossy brand and slick advertising. Jetty is part of this new generation. Its website is simple and fun, its prices are low, and it offers a creative spin on traditional renters insurance policies.

You can only buy renters insurance from Jetty if your landlord or management company is a Jetty partner. So if you’re intrigued but your landlord hasn’t told you that you have access to Jetty renters insurance, reach out to them and check.

If you do have a chance to get renters insurance from Jetty, it’s worth considering, especially if you are worried about bedbugs, host your property on Airbnb, or really value customer service.

Whatever renters insurance policy you wind up with, the best way to know you’ve got the best rate possible for the coverage you need is to compare quotes as widely as you can across the insurance industry. That’s what Insurify ’s quote-comparison tool can do for you. It’s free, fast, and tailored to your needs.

Jetty Renters Insurance: The Basics

Jetty renters insurance is a basic renters insurance policy that has respectable pricing in the field, fast service with electronic access, and an excellent customer service reputation.

What does Jetty renters insurance cover?

Even though it’s a new company, Jetty offers the same insurance coverage options policyholders are used to from traditional renters insurance companies, with options for additional coverage that Jetty calls “power-ups.”

First up is liability coverage. If you or a guest gets hurt in your apartment, you’re covered for the medical bills involved, dog bites included (depending on the dog breed). Same for the damage to furniture and other property in the house, whether from fire, rain, or water.

Then there’s personal property. Many people don’t know that renters insurance protects your things wherever you are —as Jetty’s website reads, “whether you’re in your backyard or backpacking in Peru.” Jetty also claims it’s not a “fine print fiend” like other insurance providers and promises solid valuables protection for personal electronics, jewelry, and more.

You’ll also get reimbursement for living expenses if you experience loss of use of your property due to some calamity that’s covered by your renters insurance policy.

As far as optional, additional coverage, Jetty has a few power-ups that it offers to try to stand out. One power-up provides Airbnb host theft protection; it’s a little niche but could be useful to some. Help with bedbugs is also covered by a power-up, provided a licensed pest control professional certifies that you have a problem.

The rest of the power-ups are standard additional coverage options provided by most insurance agencies: extra protection for valuables and personal electronics. When you sign your policy, check your deductible and coverage limits for these.

Alongside renters insurance policies, Jetty provides another service to its members, which is a bit unconventional. If you’re stressed about fronting the cash for a security deposit when you move into a new apartment, Jetty will pay your deposit if you pay them a fee of 17.5 percent of the security deposit, either as a monthly payment or in one go.

With what is called a Jetty Deposit, you won’t get the fee you pay to Jetty back as you would your normal security deposit. And Jetty won’t put this money toward charges you incur on your deposit when you move out. But if it’s worth paying $175 not to have $1,000 temporarily tied up in someone else’s bank account while you live there, you can pay this fee and keep your cash. Jetty also used to offer a guarantor service, where Jetty served as a co-signer for your lease if you weren’t able to qualify for your property on your own financial strength. But that service isn’t offered on their website as of this writing.

Special Deals and Discounts

Additionally, Jetty offers “member benefits” on home goods, interior design, grocery and wine delivery, and a few other rental-related services from chic, online-first businesses like Jetty. The website doesn’t detail the discounts, but there’s no purchase required, so it might not hurt to find out.

Jetty is smart to build up a member benefits package of discounts because if it has one weakness compared to traditional insurance providers, it’s that it can’t offer multi-policy discounts like they can.

But keep in mind that in the digital age, nothing comes for free. For you to sign up, Jetty wants to know your name, email, address, and how much you pay for rent; that must be important information for its pricing algorithm.

Where does Jetty offer renters insurance?

Here’s another tough limitation for potential Jetty renters insurance customers. Only landlords and rental companies with a Jetty membership can offer their tenants Jetty renters insurance.

Curious if this is you? Jetty advises: “If you’re moving to a new rental home, ask your leasing team if they offer Jetty at your building. If they do, they’ll direct you to the correct sign-up page and help you get started.”

And unfortunately, you can’t buy renters insurance from Jetty if you live in Florida or Indiana.

Jetty Renters Insurance Ratings

When you’re counting on a company to be financially stable enough to pay out your claims, new companies can carry legitimate risks—and Jetty knows this. “We may be new, but we’re in it for the long haul,” their website reads.

The company offers insurance through State National Insurance Company and National Specialty Insurance Company, which boast strong A.M. Best ratings. These companies have strong financial ratings and solid reputations, but since you shouldn’t assume this speaks to the entirety of the company. This is not enough information to guarantee financial strength.

But it’s nothing to consider a red flag. Some startup companies sell renters insurance products that are underwritten by lower-rated insurance firms. The company isn’t accredited on the Better Business Bureau rating website, but it earns an A+ rating, and complaints are few.

J.D. Powern/a
A.M. Bestn/a
BBBA+ (not accredited)

Jetty Renters Insurance Customer Reviews

If there’s a place where Jetty renters insurance really stands out above the rest, that’s its customer service reputation. Reviewers are enthusiastic about the quick and easy online sign-up and low prices. As with every negative renters insurance review, there are bad experiences relating to the claims process.

Plenty of reviewers also expressed gratitude for the Jetty Deposit program, as well as the bedbug power-up. Jetty is definitely among the best renters insurance companies for Airbnb renters since it has a specialized power-up just for this purpose.

Jetty publishes reviews on its website that advertise a smooth claims process, great customer service that makes renters insurance easy to understand, and low prices.

Average Cost of Jetty Renters Insurance

Because Jetty only markets insurance to a select membership, we don’t have a sense of the average cost. But we know that Jetty’s prices are competitive and probably on the lower side, though multi-policy discounts aren’t available like they are with larger insurance companies that offer life insurance, car insurance, and other products to bundle with.

Positives and Negatives of Jetty Renters Insurance

There’s plenty of reason to consider buying renters insurance with Jetty—and some drawbacks and limitations. Here are some positives and negatives to keep in mind:

Good product all around: Jetty offers solid coverage, prices, and customer service.Limited availability: Your landlord has to be a partner for you to be a customer.
Accessible company: With strong access and fast sign-up via the web and a well-staffed support team, you won’t feel distant from Jetty like you might with a multinational insurance company.No online claims process: Like plenty of companies, you have to get on the phone to file a claim.
Solid partners: Even though it’s a young company, Jetty’s underwriting partners are reputable, which dodges some dangers associated with startups.Few discounts: The best renters insurance prices are typically bundled with other policies.

Is Jetty renters insurance right for me?

If you’re an Airbnb renter and your leasing company is a Jetty member, you’re a great candidate for Jetty renters insurance. But even if you don’t rent out your rental, Jetty is an appealing product if you can get access to Jetty’s policies. It’s an easy company to work with, offers pretty good prices, and has encouraging insurance reviews.

How to Get a Quote for Jetty Renters Insurance

Customers rave about how easy it is to get started with Jetty renters insurance. To get a quote, first reach out to your landlord, and they’ll provide you with a special link for your property, where you’ll be able to view a quote, customize your policy, and sign up quickly.

Jetty Renters Insurance Contact Information

Claims1 (844) 252-4640
Customer Service1 (855) MY-JETTY
Mailing AddressJetty
217 Centre Street, Unit 118
New York, NY 10013

How to Find the Best and Cheapest Renters Insurance Quotes

The renters insurance industry is crowded and growing. It’s critical to be sure you’re getting the price you deserve, and there’s no better way to do that than to use Insurify. Spend just a few minutes entering your information, and you’ll get the quotes you need from around the industry—for free. Try it today!

Tanveen Vohra
Tanveen VohraManager of Content and Communications

Tanveen Vohra is an editorial manager at Insurify specializing in writing about property and casualty insurance, focusing on market and pricing trends in home and auto insurance. Through her work, she helps consumers better understand the components of their insurance policies so they can make smarter purchase decisions. She received a bachelor's degree from SUNY Buffalo. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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John leads Insurify’s copy desk, helping ensure the accuracy and readability of Insurify’s content. He’s a licensed agent specializing in home and car insurance topics.

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