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Are you looking for renters insurance?

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Whether it’s your first apartment or your 15th, getting a fresh set of keys and moving into a new place is always exciting—and exhausting. While you’re stressing about getting your couch up the stairs, through the hallway, and into your new living room, it’s a great idea to have your stuff protected with a renters insurance policy.

The renters insurance industry is a growing and competitive marketplace, and more landlords are starting to require their tenants to secure a renters insurance policy before moving in. So which insurance provider should you trust with your stuff?

The best way to be sure that your new renters insurance policy is the best coverage you could get at the best price available is to spend just a few minutes comparing quotes on Insurify. For free, Insurify will provide you with a range of quotes from around the industry, tailored to your circumstances, so you can have peace of mind that you’re getting a great deal.

QBE Renters Insurance: The Basics

Do you already buy your car insurance from a company called QBE? If so, you may want to look into QBE ’s renters insurance program, which is called FlexHome. But your landlord has to qualify, and you’ll have to call an independent insurance agent for a quote.

QBE is an insurance company based in Australia and has done business in the U.S. as QBE North America out of New York City since 1978. QBE insurance specializes in general insurance that tends to serve businesses, but the company also has insurance products for drivers, homeowners, and renters.

A disclaimer: We know very little about QBE ’s policies because their renters insurance is not widely available and pricing information is scarce. But the company advertises strong discounts for customers who also have auto insurance with QBE, and they say they’ll lower your premium the longer you go without making an insurance claim.

But you’ll have to hustle if you want renters insurance from QBE: only some landlords qualify, so you’ll have to check with yours before pursuing a policy. And to receive a quote, you’ll have to reach an independent QBE insurance agent, which QBE doesn’t help you locate online.

Still, QBE is a global insurance company with demonstrated financial strength that provides a strong slate of renters insurance coverage options. If you’re in a position to combine with car insurance, you could save money by taking advantage of their policy discount.

But beware: customer reviews are lukewarm at best, and the claims process and cancellation are especially notorious.

QBE Renters Insurance Coverages

According to, renters insurance policies from QBE are typical of the renters insurance industry. If someone gets hurt on your property and you’re liable for the medical payments that result from bodily injury, you’ll be covered. Personal injury, like if you slip and fall in your kitchen, will be on your policy, too.

Alongside personal liability comes protection for your personal property: you can file an insurance claim if your furniture or other belongings are damaged, whether by a tree falling, pipes freezing, bed bugs, or water damage from sewer and sink overflow, among other covered calamities. Theft and vandalism are also covered property damage.

QBE renters also have up to $1,000 of coverage for credit card theft and other instances of financial fraud.

Alongside these standard elements of a renters insurance policy are some additional coverage options, which include extra coverage for high-value possessions, insurance tailored to college student residences as well as nursing homes, extra identity theft and libel protection, and a higher reimbursement rate for your things.

These additional policy provisions are available for an extra fee on top of your baseline renters insurance coverage. Keep in mind, QBE insurance is administered by independent agents around the country, so coverage, pricing, deductibles, and other elements of your policy will vary by state. And an insurance adjuster will ultimately determine the validity of your claim.

Special Deals and Discounts

Since QBE offers so many other policies, among them car insurance and life insurance, the surest way to get the highest value is to try for a policy discount by combining policies.

Additionally, QBE offers to lower your premium the longer you stay on your policy—as long as you file no insurance claims. So if you’re a cautious person who’s not too worried about asking your insurer for big claims, you could drive your rates down over time.

Where does QBE offer renters insurance?

Renters can get insurance from QBE everywhere in the United States except Alaska and Florida. But there’s another catch: it’s also only available in buildings owned by a select network of landlords. So before you look for QBE independent agents, ask your landlord if QBE renters insurance is an option for you.

QBE Renters Insurance Ratings

Founded in Queensland in northeast Australia in 1886, QBE is a conglomeration of long-standing insurance companies operating in 27 countries that together are worth billions. The company has been around a long time and has shown plenty of stability—but that could change.

A.M. Best gives QBE a rock-solid A rating for financial strength but notes that the company experienced an operating loss in 2020 and declining goodwill among customers. If it doesn’t quickly get back on track, its reputation could suffer.

The company earns a sterling A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau ( BBB ) for customer satisfaction, but QBE ’s customer complaints on BBB, which don’t factor into its A+ rating, reflect a high rate of complaints. And QBE home insurance reviews from elsewhere on the web corroborate this ratio.

Trusted Choice2.5/5
A.M. BestA (Excellent)
BBB (Better Business Bureau)A+

QBE Renters Insurance Customer Reviews

It’s easy to find negative home insurance and renters insurance reviews online, and QBE is no exception. But often, the upside to bad customer service is a low price, and given how little we know about QBE ’s pricing, there’s no promising the trade-off is worth it.

Customers have particular qualms about the claims process as well as the value for money on their policy. “Overpriced renters insurance and I am constantly having issues with them. I’m STILL paying for a property I no longer live at. This shouldn’t be this difficult,” wrote one customer.

Average Cost of QBE Renters Insurance

Nationwide, the average cost of renters insurance is $15 per month. But we don’t have any idea how QBE renters insurance stacks up against its competitors because there’s so little data available and only QBE insurance agents can provide quotes.

Based on common customer complaints, prices might be higher than normal. But again, you have to call an independent agent to get a quote.

Positives and Negatives of QBE Renters Insurance

Should you get QBE renters insurance? It depends on a few things. Here are some pros and cons to consider:

Good discounts if you never file claims or if you already have car insurance or life insurance from QBEInaccessible to most renters unless their landlord has a deal through QBE
Lots of coverage options and add-ons to personalize your policyNo quotes online and you also can’t search for independent QBE agents on the company’s website
A big, stable company will be able to pay out your claimsPoor customer reviews tend to highlight negative experiences with claims and prices

Is QBE renters insurance right for me?

If you’re already a QBE auto insurance customer, definitely call an independent QBE agent for a quote. You could get a decent rate thanks to a policy discount.

Otherwise, it’s hard to say QBE is worth the call when so many other quotes from good companies with stronger customer service reputations are available online.

How to Get a Quote for QBE Renters Insurance

To get a quote for QBE renters insurance, search online for an independent QBE insurance agent in your area, and give them a call. They’ll offer you a quote, help you apply, and set up your policy if you want to move forward.

QBE Renters Insurance Contact Information

Customer Care Phone1 (866) 635-0489
Mailing AddressQBE North America

Wall Street Plaza

88 Pine Street

New York, NY 10005

General Phone1 (800) 362-5448
Online ClaimsProperty Damage Claims Form

Frequently Asked Questions

  • QBE is a good option to explore if your landlord works with QBE and/or you can bundle life insurance or car insurance with your renters insurance policy.

  • Policy discounts are available to bundled policies. QBE will also lower your rates the longer you go without filing any claims.

  • To make sure you are paying the best price you can find, use Insurify's fast and free quote-comparison tool to view estimates from across the biggest players in the industry. That way, you’ll know where to look based on your location, coverage needs, and price range.

How to Find the Best and Cheapest Renters Insurance Quotes

Depending on whether you can get the right policy that fits your needs, renters insurance can be a huge lifesaver or a total headache. It can also be a minor cost or a waste of money. The key to getting the protection you need at a great value is comparing as many quotes as you can.

Insurify is the best way to compare quotes from companies offering renters insurance. You’ll get a free slate of quotes in just a few minutes. Free peace of mind and personalized bargain hunting—who would turn that down?

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