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Best For…

  • Pet parents looking for expansive coverage, including dental disease coverage

  • Pet owners looking for low monthly premiums

Not the Best For…

  • Pets with multiple pre-existing conditions

  • Pet parents who use a more expensive veterinary clinic

  • Pet owners who need immediate funds

Why buy pet insurance?

Pet parents facing expensive veterinary procedures might feel like they don’t have many options, especially when it comes to their pets’ safety. Often, a sick pet inevitably means a trip to the vet, which can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars out of pocket. Pet parents often have to confront these vet bills alone, leading many to dip into savings or take out personal loans. But now pet owners can turn to pet insurance companies to help pay for vet treatments.

Pet parents use pet insurance to provide extra peace of mind when it comes to guaranteeing the best, consistent care. Whether pet owners are looking for wellness care coverage or potential accident and illness coverage, there are insurance plans for everyone. Most pet insurance works similarly to human health insurance. But a handful of companies offer alternative formats. Regardless, these programs all work to help pet lovers provide the best healthcare by paying for a percentage of qualifying vet bills.

Every family wants what’s best for their furry family member, but it adds extra stress when pet owners cannot afford substantial vet bills. These kinds of scenarios can lead to improper treatments, the continued suffering of a beloved pet, and even economic euthanasia. Buying a pet insurance policy can mean the difference between life and death for some pets. Some policies even offer 100 percent reimbursements on qualifying veterinary expenses for routine, emergency, and rehabilitation services.

Every pet family knows that their furry friends are not expendable, which means maintaining a pet’s health is vital. Finding the best pet insurance for your family can mean continuing a long and happy life with your furry family member. Compare insurance policies today with Insurify.

Eusoh Pet Insurance Policies and Pricing

Eusoh is an alternative to traditional pet insurance plans. It is a reimbursement platform that relies on community-based cost-sharing groups. That means all funds used to reimburse members come directly from other community members, rather than from the company. Eusoh is available for dogs and cats in all 50 states.

The company requires all new members to complete a questionnaire regarding their pet’s medical history and general information. Pet owners must disclose any pre-existing conditions, which may impact acceptance into certain community groups. Pet owners must also pay a $48 deposit when signing up.

How Eusoh ’s Platform Works

Eusoh is not pet insurance, which means that pet parents don’t have to limit coverage to lower the monthly premium. Rather than lessen the coverage to save a few dollars each month, Eusoh members all receive expansive coverage for a flat rate of $17 each month. It doesn’t have any age or breed restrictions. Coverage includes accidents, injuries, wellness care, hereditary conditions, prescriptions, alternative treatments, congenital conditions, and even annual check-ups.

Eusoh can reimburse pet parents for treatments from any licensed vet, specialist, or emergency clinic. That means the Eusoh community will help reimburse you if your dog is diagnosed with an expensive disease like cancer or cruciate ligament disorders. It also helps cover more common conditions, like upper respiratory disease, kidney disease, or kennel cough. Surprisingly, it also covers the routine care that pets require each year. That includes vaccines and parasite prevention.

Unlike regular insurance providers, Eusoh uses the power of community to fund vet expenses. Each group member maintains a $48 deposit, which they pay up front when registering. After signing up, members have to join one of Eusoh ’s groups.

Pet parents can choose between moderated and community groups and even make their own group with friends and family. Unfortunately, moderated groups do not accept any pets with pre-existing conditions. When another group member files a claim, Eusoh splits the reimbursement cost between those in the group and takes it out of the initial deposit. Pet owners are responsible for refilling the deposit each month, which is how Eusoh keeps its fees low.

Each member is responsible for 20 percent of the member share, which means the other group members will pay for 80 percent of vet fees. Unfortunately, Eusoh only reimburses the average cost of any given procedure in the area. That means if you used a more expensive vet, the reimbursement might be less than 80 percent.

Eusoh will not cover pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions may also prevent a pet from joining certain groups. It will also not cover spay / neuter procedures, grooming, dental cleanings, declawing, or ear cropping.

Eusoh Insurance for Your Bird or Exotic Animal

Eusoh does not offer insurance for birds or exotic pets. Currently, Nationwide is the only pet insurance company to provide pet insurance for exotic animals.

Eusoh Claims, Deductibles, and Benefits

Eusoh group members are not able to customize any aspects of their policies. However, they can choose which group to join, pending the group’s vote to allow them. Community groups aren’t able to change the deductible or membership fee, but they might enforce specific rules regarding the group’s claims.

Eusoh members are responsible for refilling the $48 deposit and a $17 monthly subscription fee each month. That means that pet parents would only pay $65 at the very most each month, regardless of a pet’s breed, age, size, and health condition. Eusoh also offers a multi-pet discount for families with over three pets.

Each Eusoh member has a $250 annual deductible, which is the amount that has to be spent out of pocket before getting reimbursements. Each member has a maximum reimbursement of $8,500 each year. Members cannot adjust these factors.

Filing a claim

Eusoh will reimburse each eligible claim after members upload a photo of the vet invoice and receipt to the Eusoh dashboard. An administrator will then split up the remaining payment between group members. Unfortunately, pet parents can only withdraw these reimbursements at the end of the monthly billing cycle.

Waiting period

Eusoh has a 30-day waiting period before members can submit any claims. The 30 days begin when a member officially joins a group, which may take longer than the initial date of registration. Any condition contracted within the waiting period could not be submitted for reimbursements but would not be considered a pre-existing condition.

Eusoh vs. Pet Assure

Eusoh is not traditional pet insurance, and just like other alternative options, its primary goal is to help pet parents save money on vet bills. Eusoh is the only crowd-sharing platform on the market, but companies like Pet Assure use a similar coverage and pricing format.

Pet Assure offers flat-rate pricing that depends on the policyholder’s location, size, and number of pets covered. Similar to Eusoh, Pet Assure is able to keep prices as low as $10 per month. Both companies include coverage for accident, illness, and routine care, regardless of the plan. Pet Assure also includes coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Still, Eusoh offers to reimburse pet owners with 80 percent of their vet bills, based on the average treatment cost in the area. Pet Assure can only provide a 25 percent discount on all procedures and treatments. Pet Assure customers can only use veterinarians, emergency clinics, and specialists that work within the Pet Assure network.

To compare prices: Pet Assure’s quote for a five-year-old rottweiler named Simon, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, would cost $11.95 per month for the large pet plan. The price can also be brought down to $8.25 per month by paying for the year upfront. With Pet Assure, if Simon needed $700 in emergency testing from a participating vet, only $175 would be covered.

For the same pet, Eusoh would be unable to offer a standard monthly quote. Members are required to pay a $17 monthly subscription fee and to refill the $48 deposit, which is used to fund other group member’s vet bills. That means members may pay up to $65 per month. However, if Simon needed $700 of emergency testing, Eusoh would reimburse $560. Simon’s owners would also be able to choose their own veterinarian.

Finding the right health insurance plan for your pet requires a lot of research and comparison. Using Insurify helps cut down on the time and effort involved by allowing pet parents to compare pet insurance and alternatives all in one place within minutes!

Eusoh Pet Insurance Reviews from Policyholders

Success stories

Eusoh doesn’t have any reviews on its website, but it does boast its 4.9-star rating from Insuranks. Insuranks is a website that allows patrons to share their experiences with insurers and alternative companies. Eusoh has 32 reviews, which are all relatively positive. Many reviews cite the low rates and fast turnaround.

Not-so-successful stories

Eusoh doesn’t have any negative reviews on Insuranks, but there are a handful of negative reviews on sites like Pet Insurance Review. This website allows patrons to discuss their experiences and rate pet insurance companies. Eusoh holds an 8.5-star rating out of 10, with 13 reviews. The negative reviews cite bad customer service and inconsistent claims approval.

Eusoh Pet Insurance Contact Information

Customer Service1 (424) 389-0588
EmailContact Form
Mailing AddressEusoh, Inc.

9001 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 207

Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Websitehttps:// /
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