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How to Buy Kickass Life Insurance Online (The Easy Way)

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Why you can trust Insurify

Insurify partners with top insurance companies and is a licensed agent in all 50 states. However, the insurance experts writing our content operate independently of our partners. Check out reviews from over 3,000 satisfied customers, how we make money, our data methodology, and our editorial standards.
Aissa Martell

By: Aissa Martell

Edited by John Leach

Last Updated February 19, 2021

Why you can trust Insurify

Insurify partners with top insurance companies and is a licensed agent in all 50 states. However, the insurance experts writing our content operate independently of our partners. Check out reviews from over 3,000 satisfied customers, how we make money, our data methodology, and our editorial standards.

In the digital age we live in, we can buy everything we want and need online and have it delivered right to our front door. As conducive as this is to our time and lifestyles during a pandemic, we still have to inspect the peas and carrots. When it comes to the delicate subject of life insurance, can we prepare for the security of our loved ones as casually as we choose our produce?

By using insurance comparison tools like Insurify, your life insurance shopping experience is a snap. You can choose the type of life insurance policy that is right for you, compare life insurance quotes, and buy from the best life insurance company that suits your needs, all on the site. With knowledge of life insurance products, you can yield a fruitful harvest and cover all your life insurance needs online.

What Is the Best Way to Buy Life Insurance?

Traditionally, insurance agents are the ace up the life insurance company ‘s sleeve. Agents are responsible for drumming up sales, being the face of the company, and seeing transactions through. Insurers rely on their licensed agents to spread the word about their products. But in the age of information, the scope of life insurance marketing and sales has broadened.

With the ability to learn more about and acquire products online, buying life insurance has made it into homes with the touch of a button. Due to the sensitive nature of life insurance, you may choose to speak with an agent directly, but now consumers can educate themselves and choose the right policy without consulting an insurance agent.

Though shopping for insurance online may not be as simple as picking lunch, there is an abundance of information to help you make the right choice. The process of purchasing a policy online is similar to the process you would go through in an insurance office or with a life insurance agent, except while online shopping, there is no pressure to buy.

The first step in buying life insurance online is to get a free quote. Answer a few questions such as your age, gender, height, and weight, and comparison sites like Insurify will supply a list of quotes from leading insurance companies. Keep in mind that during the application process, underwriters may determine your premium to be higher or lower than what was quoted.

Once you have chosen the right policy and insurance company for you, it’s time to fill out the application. The information you will need to provide on your life insurance application includes contact information, your and your family’s medical history, tobacco and alcohol use, medical conditions (such as high blood pressure), and your payment method. Once you’ve filled out the application, you can electronically submit it to the insurer.

While you undergo the application process, some life insurance companies may require you to have a medical exam. Most of the time, your chosen provider will send a health professional to your home to measure your height and weight, check your blood pressure, and get a urine sample. The results of your medical exam may affect the price of your premium.

Once your application has been processed and you are approved for the policy, check to make sure the terms are correct and the premium is within your budget before you sign the policy. Some insurance companies may require that you sign a delivery receipt to validate that you received your policy.

Why Should I Buy Life Insurance?

The most prevalent reasons people buy life insurance are survivor protection, creating an estate, and utilizing cash value in a permanent life insurance policy. Other reasons include long-term care insurance for disability or terminal illness. There are different types of life insurance policies on the market to meet your needs and allow peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Before you get your free quote and fill out an application for life insurance, you should have a clear picture of what you want your policy to cover. Survivor protection deals with the loss of income due to the insured’s death. Life insurance can provide income, ensure your child’s education fund, pay off your mortgage and debts, and cover final expenses.

If you would like to provide your family with monthly income rather than a lump sum, you can choose a family income term life insurance policy. Term life insurance policies are in effect for a period of time. The benefit will only have a payout if you pass away during the term. If you pass away during the term of a family income policy, it will pay your beneficiaries a monthly income for the rest of the policy term.

Another type of term policy, a decreasing term policy, can be used to ensure your child’s college tuition, your mortgage, or your debt is covered should you pass away before the balance is paid off. The benefit amount and premium decrease along with your debt, mortgage, or child’s tuition.

Another priority for life insurance consumers is the creation of an estate. For life insurance purposes, an estate is what you own at the time of your death. When you pass away, a lump sum death benefit will be paid to your beneficiaries to provide an inheritance. Beneficiaries can use the benefit to cover estate taxes, pay for funeral and medical costs, or for whatever they choose.

Benefits of Life Insurance By Type of Policy

A term life insurance policy provides a lump sum death benefit if you pass away during the term. It provides your beneficiaries with an inheritance to cover final expenses or to use as they choose. A whole life policy is a form of permanent life insurance that provides a lump sum death benefit. It has higher premiums than a term life policy, as it lasts your lifetime and grows cash value.

Not only can you protect your loved ones with a whole life insurance policy, but you can also use the cash value that grows on your premium payments as living benefits. A traditional whole life policy grows cash value at a minimum rate of interest in a general account. But you may also choose a permanent coverage with an investment feature, such as a universal life policy.

A universal life insurance policy grows cash value in a savings and investment account. Depending on market conditions, a universal life policy could grow cash value at a higher rate than a traditional whole life policy. You can use the cash value to cover premiums and ensure your policy doesn’t lapse due to a financial situation that would result in missed payments.

Living benefits are an effective component of permanent life insurance policies because the policy lasts for your whole life. You can use cash value while you are alive to supplement your Social Security benefits, as an emergency fund, or for whatever you choose. Depending on the policy, policyholders can take a loan out on their cash value or make a withdrawal.

Another type of policy that delivers living benefits is a long-term care life insurance policy. Long-term care ensures protection for the cost of medical expenses related to long-term care. Benefits are used to pay expenses such as assisted living care and nursing home services. Once the insured develops an illness or disability that requires long-term care, such as loss of cognitive ability, the benefits are paid out.

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What Is the Best Age to Buy Life Insurance?

The first step in the course of buying life insurance is getting a free quote. The quote is an approximate premium based on the information you provide, such as your age. The younger you are, the less your chance of death, so you are a low-risk applicant, and your premiums will be lower.

Some life insurance companies may request your medical records while your application is in the underwriting process. Others may require a medical exam by a medical professional affiliated with the insurance company, and some companies offer no- exam life insurance. A medical condition will increase your premium rate, so it’s best to consider buying a life insurance policy while there is less chance of illness.

How Much Life Insurance Can I Buy?

The face amount of life insurance coverage can range from thousands to millions of dollars. The amount of coverage right for you depends on your annual income, your personal finances, and your financial plan. Though you may want to consult with a financial advisor, a common method insurance companies use to help customers decide their benefit amount is the needs approach.

The needs approach carefully reviews your personal income, assets and debts, risk profile, and financial goals to determine the right amount of coverage. This method helps establish a lump sum amount to cover final expenses and the amount that survivors need to maintain their standard of living.

While shopping online for the right life insurance policy, use Insurify to compare life insurance quotes from leading companies. After you’ve determined your life insurance needs, Insurify will help you find the policy that best fits your budget. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to find the right policy with the right company.

FAQ: Buying Life Insurance Online

  • Life insurance is a delicate subject for many, and how you decide to buy it depends on how you feel most comfortable. While some applicants would prefer to purchase life insurance face to face with an agent, others may prefer to have the convenience of buying online and to be free of the pressure to buy.

  • If you have a family, are a homeowner, or are concerned about your health later down the road, life insurance should be a serious consideration. Not only will it provide your family with an inheritance and your final expenses, but it may also provide living benefits, such as long-term care for terminal illness or disability.

  • A life insurance quote is an approximate amount for your premium based on the information you provide before the application process. Some life insurance companies may require your medical records or a medical exam for the underwriting process, which could increase or decrease the amount you were quoted.

Bottom Line: Life Insurance Is Worth The Effort

Deciding on the right life insurance policy may be a difficult task, but it is worth the effort. And the ability to compare quotes, speak with a life insurance company ’s agent, and purchase life insurance all online helps streamline the process. Your dinner won’t get cold on the table when you are purchasing your life insurance policy from the comfort of your home. With Insurify, comparing quotes on the policy of your choice is as easy as pie. Answer a few brief questions about your age and health status, and in just a matter of minutes, Insurify will deliver a large quote list from leading life insurance companies. You’ll be on your way to the protection you and your loved ones deserve in no time.

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Aissa Martell
Aissa Martell

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