Pumpkin Pet Insurance Reviews: How It Stacks Up (2024)

Pumpkin offers simple, streamlined, and comprehensive pet insurance coverage on most, but not all, veterinary care.

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Updated March 25, 2024

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Pumpkin has been offering pet insurance policies for cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies since 2020 in all 50 U.S. states. It offers two plan options: a standard pet insurance plan and an optional wellness policy (though its wellness plans aren’t available in all states). All standard plans feature a 90% reimbursement rate, and you get to choose your annual deductible and policy limits.

Customers who have left Pumpkin reviews appreciate that it covers more types of veterinary expenses — including alternative treatments, behavioral issues, and microchip implantation — than some other pet insurance companies. But its wellness plan is a bit more limited.

Here’s what you should know about comparing pet insurance quotes, and how to decide whether Pumpkin is right for you.

Quick Facts
  • All Pumpkin policies include a 14-day waiting period before coverage starts on all illnesses — unless you apply for a waiver.

  • Pumpkin’s monthly rates range $43$148 for a dog and $20$82 for a cat.

  • Your pet’s pre-existing conditions aren’t eligible for coverage unless it’s been cured and symptom-free for 180 days or more.

Pumpkin: Our verdict

If you’re looking for a simple pet insurance policy that covers the bulk of costs on a sweeping list of veterinary care items, Pumpkin is a good bet. But more thorough coverage also means a higher price tag. Pumpkin charges more than some other insurers that may offer lower coverage options for less money.

Pumpkin is also a good choice if you’re looking for coverage on older pets. Although coverage for a senior pet may be more expensive, Pumpkin doesn’t set an upper limit on how old your pet can be in order to purchase a policy.

But your pet will need to wait through a 14-day period before coverage applies, and Pumpkin doesn’t generally cover pre-existing conditions unless you can show that the condition isn’t affecting your pet anymore.[1]

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Learn More: Best Pet Insurance Companies and Plans for 2024

Pumpkin pros and cons

Pumpkin has a lot working in its favor, but it has some downsides to consider as well.

  • No breed restriction or upper age limit

  • Simple and expansive plan options

  • Short waiting period for coverage to start

  • No mobile app

  • Expensive rates

  • Mixed customer reviews

Find Affordable Coverage for Your Pet

Comparing rates could save you up to 57%

Pumpkin plans and coverages

Most pet insurance companies offer several plan options featuring different coverages and reimbursement rates. That’s not the case with Pumpkin: It only offers one standard insurance plan with a reimbursement rate of 90%.

You’ll need to make three choices to dial in your plan further:

  • Annual deductible: How much you have to personally pay out of pocket each year before coverage kicks in, reimbursing you 90% toward eligible vet bills after that.

  • Annual coverage limit: The total amount of money that Pumpkin will pay out in a year.

  • Optional pet wellness plan: An add-on that helps you pay for routine vet care, which standard pet insurance doesn’t typically cover.

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See More: What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Standard plan

In addition to higher reimbursement rates, Pumpkin also covers a wider range of vet-care costs than other pet insurance companies. Covered accidents, illnesses, and treatment costs include:

  • Alternative therapies

  • Behavioral problems (not including training or boarding)

  • Cancer treatment

  • Congenital, hereditary, or orthopedic disorders, including hip dysplasia

  • Euthanasia

  • Exam fees

  • Lab tests

  • Microchip implantation

  • Prescription diets for covered conditions

  • Prescription medications and supplements

  • Surgeries

  • Tooth extractions

Important Information

Pumpkin has a 14-day waiting period for all illness-related veterinary care. But Pumpkin policies allow for a waiver if you meet specific requirements. If any illnesses appear during this waiting period, Pumpkin will consider them pre-existing conditions and your pet won’t be eligible for coverage.

Preventive Essentials plan

Pumpkin also offers an optional wellness plan to help pay for routine veterinary care. It’ll reimburse you for 100% of the cost of basic preventative care, although its scope is rather limited. Here’s what it covers:[2] [3]

  • Annual wellness exam

  • Annual vaccines: Two vaccines for adult dogs, four vaccines for puppies, and one vaccine for cats and kittens.

  • Annual parasite screening: One fecal exam per year, plus one yearly heartworm/tick-borne disease exam for adult dogs.

Depending on where you live and your pet’s health risks, this wellness care coverage may or may not fully cover all the recommended routine vet care your pet needs. If your dog gets a vaccine for Bordetella, rabies, and leptospirosis, for example, this plan would only cover two of the vaccines.

Interestingly, this plan pays for your dog’s annual heartworm test but not for its prevention. It also won’t pay for routine recommended blood tests for senior pets.[4]

What Pumpkin doesn’t cover

Pumpkin covers many vet expenses, but perhaps it’s even more important to know what it doesn’t cover. This can help you better plan out your pet’s veterinary care.

The following items are common exclusions with Pumpkin’s products:

  • Breeding-related costs

  • Cosmetic procedures, like ear cropping or tail docking

  • Dental cleanings, unless to treat a diagnosed illness

  • Herbal treatments and supplements, including CBD

  • House call or travel fees

  • Illnesses or injuries due to neglect or mistreatment, including by other caregivers

  • Non-veterinary expenses, like medical waste fees or admin charges

  • Pre-existing conditions, unless your pet has been cured and symptom-free for more than 180 days (except for knee and hind-leg ligament problems)

  • Prescription food and supplements, unless to treat a specific condition

  • Routine lab tests, medications, or other wellness expenses not covered by the Preventive Essentials plan

How much does Pumpkin cost?

Pumpkin pet insurance rates depend on several factors, including:

  • Your pet’s age

  • Your pet’s breed

  • Where you live

  • Pet’s species (cat or dog)

  • Annual limit and deductible you select

  • Purchasing the optional wellness plan add-on

Compare Pet Insurance Quotes

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Cost of Pumpkin dog insurance

You can’t change most of the factors that go into calculating your pet insurance rate, but you can opt for an annual coverage limit and deductible to help your monthly payment fit within your budget.

The cost for a dog is $43$148 per month, depending on the coverage and deductible amount you choose.

Annual Coverage Limit$1,000 Deductible$500 Deductible$250 Deductible$100 Deductible

Cost of Pumpkin cat insurance

Insuring cats is typically more affordable, and that holds true with Pumpkin as well. To insure a cat, you’d pay $20$82 per month. But you’d be recouping the highest amount of veterinary expenses at the higher price point.

Annual Coverage Limit$1,000 Deductible$500 Deductible$250 Deductible$100 Deductible


Insurify gathered quotes for a pet owner living in the 06161 ZIP code (Hartford, Connecticut) with two pets to insure. Spot, the test dog, is a 2-year-old male, mixed-breed dog of medium size. Mrs. Whiskers, the test cat, is a 2-year-old female American shorthair.

Pumpkin, like many insurers, offers a 10% multi-pet discount. But Insurify collected quotes separately for these pets to see what the individual price would be for each fur friend.

How customers feel about Pumpkin pet insurance

It’s hard to get a clear picture of Pumpkin based on customer reviews, since about half of review websites give it glowing ratings, while the other half give it negative reviews overall. Here’s how the company measures up on different third-party sites:

  • Yelp: 2.6 stars based on 101 reviews

  • Google: 4.4 stars based on 1,342 reviews

  • Trustpilot: 4.5 stars based on 952 reviews

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB): 2.4 stars based on 46 reviews; not accredited, with a C+ rating and 31 complaints filed over the past three years

Many customers note that Pumpkin is easy to work with and provides good value, such as this customer:

But many people struggle to understand their coverage terms and why certain claims are denied. This seems to be a common issue with Pumpkin because it makes a big point about covering more things than most pet insurance companies — but it still doesn’t cover all things:

The bottom line: Is Pumpkin pet insurance worth it?

Pet insurance coverage is never required, but it can offer peace of mind that your pet’s best interests won’t conflict with those of your wallet. When it comes to that ideal, Pumpkin performs well: It offers a high coverage rate for accidents and a wide range of illnesses.

But you’ll pay higher rates for coverage than with some other insurers. It’s also worth running the numbers to see if Pumpkin’s routine wellness plan would actually save you money, given its limited coverage options that may not fully pay for your pet’s full list of recommended care. 

If protecting your pets is worth the higher expense that Pumpkin charges, this insurer is worth considering.

Pumpkin pet insurance FAQs

If you still have questions about Pumpkin pet insurance, this additional information may help as you research your coverage options.

  • Is Pumpkin pet insurance good for dogs?

    Yes. Pumpkin offers a broader range of coverage for dogs than other pet insurance companies. But it’s important to be aware of the limitations. Policies are expensive, there’s a 14-day waiting period before coverage starts for illnesses, some expenses aren’t covered at all, and Pumpkin’s optional preventative care plan probably won’t cover all the routine care most pets need.

  • How much does Pumpkin pet insurance cost per month?

    A pet parent living in Hartford, Connecticut, with a medium-sized, 2-year-old male dog will pay between $43.59 and $148.09 per month, depending on the annual deductible and coverage limit they choose.

    For a 2-year-old female shorthair cat, the monthly cost ranges $20$82.

  • Does Pumpkin pay your vet directly?

    No. Pumpkin works on a reimbursement basis, meaning that you’ll need to pay out of pocket for all costs and then submit a claim to be reimbursed for covered expenses.

  • How do you cancel Pumpkin?

    You can reach out to Pumpkin customer service at any time in order to cancel your policy. If you’ve already paid your monthly premium, Pumpkin will prorate your refund. Additionally, if you cancel within the first 30 days without filing a claim, you’re eligible for a full refund.

  • How do you contact Pumpkin customer service?

    Pumpkin customer service is available via live chat on its website, email, or by phone at 1 (866) 273-6369. Customer support hours are 8 a.m.8 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m.5 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday.


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Lindsay VanSomeren

Lindsay VanSomeren is a freelance personal finance writer living in Suquamish, WA. Her work has appeared with FICO, Credit Karma, The Balance, and more. She enjoys helping people learn how to manage their money better so they can live the life they want.

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