Allstate Renters Insurance: Is it the best choice for you?

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Updated April 13, 2022

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While landlords have homeowners insurance policies that cover your home in case of certain types of damage, your landlord’s policy won’t cover your personal property, and they might not reimburse you if you need to live somewhere else temporarily. That’s where renters insurance comes in. Renters insurance provides three basic types of coverage:

  • Personal property coverage, which covers your belongings if they are stolen or damaged due to a covered loss or peril such as fire or vandalism

  • Personal liability coverage, which covers legal costs if you are sued due to someone being injured in your home or by your pet

  • Additional living expenses coverage, which helps pay for hotel bills or other temporary accommodations should your apartment become uninhabitable due to a covered peril

Renters insurance offers essential protection against high bills, so you shouldn’t go without. It’s very affordable, costing an average of just $180 per year. And you may be able to cover your cost if you can save money on your auto insurance. Getting cheap car insurance doesn’t necessarily mean lowering your coverage limits. You may be able to get the same coverage you have now at a cheaper rate if you use Insurify to compare customized premiums across insurance providers. It takes just a few minutes and could save you enough to cover your new renters insurance policy.

Furthermore, your rate might vary from one renters insurance company to the next. While Insurify doesn’t currently allow you to compare renters insurance rates, we plan to introduce that capability in the future. In the meantime, we’re still dedicated to helping you find the right insurer for your needs. To find out if an Allstate renters insurance policy is right for you, read this Allstate renters insurance review.

Allstate Renters Insurance: The Basics

Before Allstate pays your claim, you’ll need to pay a deductible. Your policy will also have coverage limits, so it’s likely that not all your personal belongings will be covered. You may need to add scheduled personal property coverage for things like fine jewelry or art.

What does Allstate renters insurance cover?

Like most renters insurance companies, Allstate covers personal property damage and theft, liability costs, and additional living expenses. When you sign up for an Allstate policy, you can choose whether you want coverage for your items’ actual cash value or the replacement cost.

If you choose the replacement cost (also known as a reimbursement provision), you’ll be covered up to the cost to replace the item, as long as it falls within your coverage limits. Allstate will first write you a check for the actual cash value of the item. Since most items depreciate in value, that’ll be less than what you paid for the item. Once you replace the item, Allstate will reimburse you for the remaining cost.

Allstate also provides family liability coverage, so if your child injures someone else or damages property while playing at a friend’s house, your legal fees may be covered. And the included guest medical protection will pay for medical expenses if someone is injured while visiting your property.

Special Deals and Discounts

Allstate offers the following discounts to policyholders:

  • Multi-policy discounts for bundling your renters insurance with your auto insurance

  • Safe home discount of up to 15 percent if your home is equipped with a security system or fire alarms

  • A payment discount of 5 percent for setting up automatic withdrawals

  • Retirement discount of up to 25 percent if you’re over 55, retired, and not actively seeking employment

  • Claim free discounts of up to 20 percent when you switch to Allstate and with no claims history

Where does Allstate offer renters insurance?

If you like to travel, you’re in luck: Allstate renters insurance is available for residents of all 50 states.

Allstate Renters Insurance Ratings

J.D. Power841 (3rd place)
A.M. BestA + (superior)
Better Business Bureau (BBB)A+

Allstate Renters Insurance Customer Reviews

BBB1.2 out of 5 stars
Trustpilot1.6 out of 5 stars
Consumer Affairs3.9 out of 5 stars

As with most insurance companies, customer reviews about the claims process at Allstate were mixed. Some long-term Allstate customers were pleased with the customer service, while others had complaints about Allstate’s unwillingness to pay certain claims. It’s important to note that these reviews cover all of Allstate’s insurance products, not just renters insurance.

Average Cost of Allstate Renters Insurance

Allstate renters insurance costs an average of $15 per month. That’s the national average cost of renters insurance, but some renters insurance companies offer cheaper rates. For example, Lemonade insurance policies start at just $5 per month, and GEICO policies start at $12 per month. Other insurance companies charge more, on the other hand. Travelers charges $17 per month on average.

Positives and Negatives of Allstate Renters Insurance

  • Plenty of renters insurance discounts, including bundling discounts and retirement discounts
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Customizable policies with add-ons
  • Great ratings from J.D. Power and A.M. Best
  • Mobile app access
  • Not the cheapest rates in the industry
  • Poor customer service reviews

Is Allstate renters insurance coverage right for me?

Allstate has plenty of coverage options to meet most people’s needs, including additional coverages like flood insurance and an available personal umbrella policy. But Allstate falls behind some other renters insurance providers in terms of insurance premium cost and customer satisfaction.

When comparing renters insurance quotes, you should first narrow down your options to companies that will provide the coverage you need. Next, compare costs across providers that are available in your state. You might find that Allstate is the most affordable option in your area when you factor in the discounts they offer.

How to Get a Quote for Allstate Renters Insurance

To get a quote from Allstate renters insurance, simply visit Allstate’s website , enter your ZIP code, and click “Start my quote.” From there, you’ll answer a series of questions designed to assess your premium amount.

Allstate Renters Insurance Contact Information

Online QuoteClick Here
Mobile appApp Store
Google Play Store
PhoneClaims: 1 (800) 669-2214
Roadside assistance: 1 (877) 597-3393
Payments: 1 (800) 901-1732
Policy changes: 1 (800)669-1552
General questions: 1 (800) 676-5456
Allstate Insurance Company
PO Box 660636
Dallas, TX 75266

Allstate Payments
2012 Corporate Lane Suite 108
PO Box 4310
Naperville, IL 60563

Allstate Renters Insurance FAQ

  • Should I buy Allstate renters insurance?

    Allstate offers flexible coverage options and average premiums. Whether Allstate is right for you will depend on other providers available in your area, which discounts you’re eligible for, and whether Allstate can provide the coverage you need. Be sure to talk to an Allstate agent to get all the details before making your decision, and compare your renters insurance quote from Allstate with quotes from other companies, such as State Farm and Liberty Mutual.

  • What special deals and discounts does Allstate renters insurance offer?

    Allstate offers several lucrative discounts to policyholders. If you’re over 55, retired, and not actively looking for work, you can save up to 25 percent on your premium. You can also get up to a 20 percent discount if you haven’t filed any claims, up to a 15 percent discount for having certain safety features in your apartment, and up to a 5 percent discount for setting up automatic withdrawals from a checking or savings account to make your payments. In addition, you can save money by bundling your renters insurance with an Allstate auto or life insurance policy. Talk to your local agent for details.

  • What’s the best way for me to quickly and easily compare insurance quotes?

    If you want to avoid entering your information at dozens of insurance provider websites, use Insurify to quickly and easily compare insurance quotes across up to 20 insurance companies. You’ll just need to enter your information one time, and Insurify’s patented artificial intelligence technology will deliver a side-by-side comparison of the cheapest rates for different coverage types. Insurify makes it easy to select the lowest premium for the coverage you need so you can get a policy that fits your budget.

How to Find the Best Renters Insurance Quotes

If you’re looking to reduce your overall insurance costs, renters insurance may be the least of your worries––it’s generally very affordable. But you could potentially save hundreds on your auto insurance or life insurance policies just by switching to a different provider.

Circumstances change, and so will your renters insurance quotes, so it’s important to check your rates every six months to ensure you’re still getting the cheapest deal. You can use Insurify to compare premiums apples-to-apples so you can easily find the best deal all of your insurance policies. The best part? You won’t need to spend hours pulling quotes from different insurers and organizing them in a spreadsheet. Just enter your information once, and we’ll handle the rest.

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