Headshot of insurance expert Abbey Gallegos

Abbey Gallegos



  • Vice President, AIG
  • Founding Partner, Dr. Peggy Newcomer & Associates
  • Senior Vice President, Broking Leader at Willis Towers Watson
  • Executive Vice President of Insurance at Zeguro
  • Director of Business Development at Stere.io

About Abbey's expertise

Abbey Gallegos is the Director of Business Development at Stere.io, a technology company specializing in Capacity APIs. She was drawn to this line of work by a desire to help people navigate and understand their policies and provide them with security and clarity around risk exposures. With over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, Gallegos has enjoyed being a part of a bigger picture by adding value to the insurtech industry in her different capacities. She learned to value her colleagues who freely shared their knowledge with her, which is why she now does the same as an advisor for various start-ups and as a board member for non-profit organizations.

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