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We've Launched!

Say hello to our intellect virtual agent, Evia.

We’ve officially launched. A big thanks to everyone who helped us get here!


Today we’re happy to announce the debut of our intelligent virtual agent, built to simplify car insurance shopping. Text a picture of your license plate to our lovely robot, Evia, and find the best deals on policies custom-tailored to you...so 21st century!


How is Insurify reinventing the customer experience in insurance shopping?

Data-driven approach to coverage and carrier recommendation Insurify invented RateRankTM, proprietary software that analyzes patterns and matches each user’s risk profile with the best and most affordable insurance carriers and coverage for their unique profile.

Price and quality comparison Although price is one the most important drivers for switching insurance, people also care about reviews, discounts, customer service, and benefits. Insurify is the only platform which helps consumers make qualitative and quantitative insurance decisions and recommends the carriers which are the best match for the consumer.

The first message-to-quote insurance shopping experience Available in a limited public beta that will continue to roll out through 2016, Evia is a virtual insurance agent built on machine learning and natural language processing. Simply snap a photo of your licence plate, text it to Evia, and she will deliver policy quotes and recommendations via text message.

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