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Weird traffic laws in the United States

You may know the basic traffic laws in your state, but what about ones that count as moving violations in other states? Check out our map and avoid a ticket

The average driver in the United States is aware of the kind of behavior that deserves a ticket, such as speeding, running a red light, or refusing to use a seatbelt. However, are you aware of the specific, albeit strange, laws in your state that could get you pulled over by an official? While most of these laws seem to have been written after some odd, one time occurrence, it’s a good reminder to be familiar with your state and town’s distinct traffic violations so you can avoid paying a fine, an increase in your insurance premium, and a spotty driving record.

Traffic violations can be separated into two categories: non-moving and moving violations. A non-moving violation includes offenses such as parking in a restricted area, having a broken headlight, or not wearing your seatbelt. These fines aren’t usually expensive and don’t affect your driving record. Therefore, these kinds of violations don’t need to be reported to your car insurance agent and your premiums won’t increase.

Moving violations are offenses that occur while your car is in motion, hence the word moving. This kind of violation can be considered anything from a misdemeanor to a full blown felony. The consequences of moving violations include hefty fines, points against your driving record, and possible jail time. Because moving violations affect your driving record, you will have to report these to your car insurance agent which will lead to higher premiums. Having a poor driving record is one of the ways to be considered a high risk driver by insurance carriers and makes it more difficult to find affordable rates or even a company to cover you. Examples of moving violations include speeding, failing to stop at a red light, driving under the influence, and vehicular manslaughter. Of course, you can be deemed a high risk driver by your insurance provider for a number of reasons, including being a new driver.

Whatever the reason, if you do find yourself with a poor driving record it’s important to find an insurance carrier that will cater specifically to your needs. There are many carriers that only serve high risk drivers so that they can guarantee a fair price and coverage. To find these providers, use a quote comparison site like Insurify.com. Insurify allows you to customize, build, compare, and purchase your policy online in minutes so you’ll have more time to enjoy scrolling through the interactive map below of weird traffic laws in each state. Fair warning in advance, you can’t bring your pet gorilla along for the ride to the insurance agent’s office if you live in Massachusetts.