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Election 2016: Are Democrats Or Republicans Riskier Drivers?


The results of one of the most controversial presidential campaigns in U.S. history will be revealed this coming November. Whichever side of the debate you stand with, we can all admit that there have been some pretty harsh accusations tossed back and forth between the Democratic and Republican camps over the last three debates.



So, if you're looking for one more comparative point to stir the political pot now that the televised debates are all over and done with, have you considered which party has the worst drivers in America? You should never enter a debate without having done the proper research! Luckily for you, we've already done the hard work for you.

What makes a state red or blue during a presidential election?

As you may know, the progress of the presidential campaigns for the two major parties are tracked using an electoral college map which organizes states by the color of the political party which won the majority of electoral votes; red for Republican, blue for Democrat, and a third color (usually purple) for "swing" states.

Swing, or battleground states, are states in which no specific candidate has won the majority of support from the electoral college. According to CNN, this election's swing states currently include Arizona, Maine, Nebraska, North Carolina, Utah, and Ohio.

As you can see from their map, some of the most populated red states include Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina. As for highly populated blue states there is California, Michigan, Massachusetts, and New York. Of these politically solid states aforementioned, can you tell which ones have the worst driving records? Do Democrats or Republicans rank higher in number of car accidents?

Which states have the highest number of car accidents?

Interestingly enough, according to Insurify's auto insurance data, Republicans are the political party with the highest rate of car accidents by state at 30.4% or 110,732 reported incidents. Even though the differences in percents may seem minimal, red states have a whomping total of 12,249 more reported accidents than Democrat states and 44,711 more than swing states.

What does auto insurance data have to do with the Presidential election?

Obviously not every aspect of life has to do with driving and car insurance, but nonetheless they say a lot about an individual's character. How responsible you are. How well you manage stress. How much you value the safety of others. Whether a driver risks texting and driving, sleepy driving, or any other form of distraction it seems to say a lot about their moral compass and ability to calculate consequences.

I think there is a strong connection between driving and political attitudes in terms of being able to make smart decisions that positively impact communities despite what your personal opinion may be. For example, someone might thinking texting and driving is a safe option for them, but knows that it endangers other passengers on the road and is therefore wrong. I believe that kind of decision making can be seen in the data of our map. Whatever you suppose the reasons to be for a state's number of car accidents, you can at least tell Lester Holt that you checked your facts.

Keep in mind that elections take place November 8th, 2016 and no matter which party you stand or drive with, it's important to vote! If you're not already registered, you can apply online before your individual state's deadline.

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