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Car Insurance For High Risk Drivers

Here are three things to remember when looking for insurance as a high-risk driver...

Are you a high-risk driver?

You may be one if you’ve recently seen a spike in your car insurance costs after an accident or if your insurance costs have always been high. If past driving violations, inexperience behind the wheel, or poor credit are things that may apply to you, then you fall into this category. Unfortunately, this can follow you around for some time and make shopping for car insurance an incredibly difficult task as it is hard to find anything reasonably priced when insurance companies don’t often want to take on another high-risk case. And while it may not last forever, it is affecting your bank account in this current moment. This adds pressure on top of frustration that will only make the entire process even more difficult than it already is.

Lucky for you, Ensurify can help you find the right carrier for your needs at the best possible rate and a carrier who will be there for you until the day finally comes where you won’t be considered a high-risk driver any longer.

Here are three things to remember when looking for insurance as a high-risk driver:

  1. Compare and contrast providers in your area

    This is where we come to help, we have a comprehensive list of carriers such as Progressive, The General, Mercury, Dairyland, Nationwide (Titan), Infinity, Gainsco which specialize in high risk drivers. In addition, our platform will give you a recommendation for the best coverage for your needs, it will help you get all discounts you are eligible for, and you’ll see real-time quotes in a few minutes. You’ll be able to compare various companies and figure out which one offers the greatest coverage at the lowest price and you can save money even if the prices are steeper now that you are considered higher risk.

  2. It doesn’t last forever

    While there is not a specific time frame available that will tell you how long exactly you’ll be a high-risk driver for for all happenings that resulted in you having this title, just know that it is temporary. A DUI, or other serious moving violations, can result in hiked up premiums for a longer amount of time, but for the most part, your high-risk driver status will go away in a fairly short time frame. You can even take drivers education courses and be proactive in reducing the amount of time you’ll have to remain under this label.

  3. There are other steps you can take to lower your rate

    Speaking of being proactive, there are a lot of things you can do that will help prove to your provider that you are a safe driver.

    • Take driver education courses

    • Improve your credit score - credit is one of the key factors which impact insurance rates

    • Become a safe driver - do not speed on the road, do not text while driving and never drive after drinking

    • Take public transportation whenever you can or carpool to work - this will help you get qualified for a low mileage discount

    • Pay your current insurance bills on time and do not let your insurance lapse - carriers would give you a better rate if you have been with the same carrier more than two years

    • Get good grades as a student - if you have a GPA of 3.0 or more you are eligible for a student discount

    • Do not buy collision insurance - if your car is worth less than $5000, the cost of collision coverage will not be justified

    • Consider lower liability protection (bodily injury coverage) - if you have no assets (no home, low salary, no savings in the bank), you may consider lower coverages for bodily injury protection


The biggest point to focus on as you shop around is to not get frustrated. Yes, it may seem like every single carrier out there is looking to punish you for past mistakes made with extremely high premiums, but it is not like that. They simply are giving you a chance to really prove yourself as the safe, great driver you know you are, and it is up to you to do so. Things don’t last forever, this included, and you have to remember that in order to stay positive in the face of such upsetting consequences. That’s why we are here to help and here to care. With the many options we will be providing you with, there will surely be a carrier that is right for you during this trying period of time.

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