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Are young male or young female drivers more likely to cause a severe accident?

New study done my Kansas State University reports that gender is often related to the type of severe crash a young male or female may have. The study analyzed all motor vehicle crashes caused by young drivers in Kansas across 5 years.

According to the study:

  •      Young females are 66% more likely to wear a seat belt than young males.

  •      Young females are 28% more likely to drive on a restricted license than males.

  •      Young females have more crashes at intersections and collisions with pedestrians.

  •      Young males have more crashes during nighttime than young females.

  •      Young male drivers have more off-road crashes than young females.

  •      Young males are more likely to be involved in an accident during the weekend, while young female drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident during the weekdays.

  •      Young drivers and older drivers are involved in many more highway crashes than any other age group.

The findings prove that there are significant differences in measuring risk between young female and young male drivers.

The study hopes to reduce the number and severity of crashes among young people by improving the material in educational driving courses.