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If you’ve been shopping for whole life or term life insurance, you’ve likely run across SelectQuote.

This well-respected service isn’t actually an insurance company at all. Instead, it’s an aggregator—a service that gathers quotes from many different insurance companies to help you find the best rates. In this age of information overload, aggregators can keep you from spending hours on Google, over the phone, or schlepping between brick-and-mortar agencies. SelectQuote boasts that it was among the first companies to take this approach, beginning with its establishment in 1985.

In addition to offering life insurance quotes, SelectQuote’s website also offers several educational resources to further help visitors. Looking for a review of SelectQuote? We’ll walk you through it.

How does SelectQuote work?

Although insurance aggregators are available for all types of insurance (including auto, home, and more), life insurance can be a different beast entirely. That’s because it’s more common to be denied life insurance coverage based on factors that are often out of your control. For example, people with certain chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, can be denied coverage or quoted exorbitant rates.

On SelectQuote, you’ll begin the free quote process by entering your ZIP code in the designated box on the SelectQuote homepage. Once you start the form, you’ll likely find the process to be streamlined and straightforward. However, the form’s automatic progression to the next page once you’ve entered your information can be frustrating, especially if you realize you made a mistake.

Expect to answer several questions about your lifestyle. While not as comprehensive as a questionnaire for health insurance, you can anticipate several queries about past or present health conditions, your lifestyle, and other factors that could, in the eyes of life insurance companies, affect your lifespan.

You’ll also be asked a few questions about what type of coverage you’d like. The process is quick and feels fairly low-pressure, although there’s no option to specify how you’d like to receive your quotes. If an insurance agent calls you (versus an email), you may be on the receiving end of a sales pitch. Obtaining a life insurance policy with SelectQuote isn’t as easy as plugging a few numbers into a form, although the company would like you to believe that’s all that’s required.

SelectQuote reviews: Here’s what users are saying…

While SelectQuote prides itself on being an ally in the often-complicated world of life insurance, some users find their way of doing business to be a bit less than user-friendly.

Around the web, the brunt of the complaints about SelectQuote seemed centered around the back-and-forth nature of the application and underwriting process. Unlike personal property policies, like auto insurance, obtaining life insurance is often more of an involved process. Users reported completing lengthy medical forms, submitting medical records, and undergoing medical exams. Once users completed the necessary paperwork, they reported frustration with a continued exchange of information with SelectQuote life insurance agents, often through snail mail. For some of today’s consumers, working in “analog” just won’t do.

However, not everyone has been put off by the lengthy processing:

Finally, despite SelectQuote’s promise of being a low-pressure service, some users also complained of ongoing upsell attempts. One Trustpilot user even mentioned that he was declined coverage after refusing to upgrade to a higher-priced policy.

This table shows SelectQuote’s official Insurify Composite Rating, based on a combination of reviews from aggregator sites:

SiteCustomer RatingNumber of Reviews
Trustpilot4.15 / 58,394
Yelp2 / 593
Facebook2.7 / 535
HighYa1 / 51
Total Score4.1 / 58,523

SelectQuote is rated 4.1 out of 5 based on 8523 reviews.

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Is SelectQuote worth it?

SelectQuote might help you find the best price on a whole life or term life insurance policy, but reviews from around the internet might make you think twice.

Don’t forget that Insurify lets you compare quotes from 50 different life insurance companies, including State Farm, New York Life, and AIG. While SelectQuote insurance services may initially look free, many users say they come at a cost.

Insurify’s simple interface can make the application process easier than you ever thought possible. And although you can complete it online in a few simple steps, our phone number stays in the top right corner of the screen—help is an easy phone call away! (Look for our other contact information at the bottom of each page.)

Bottom line? SelectQuote might have been the first, but its longevity doesn’t necessarily make it the best. Give Insurify a shot—our contemporary interface is easier to use, and we won’t hound you for upgrades. Best of all, we don’t just deal with life insurance. We can help you compare home insurance or auto insurance quotes with the same easy-to-understand price comparisons and no-pressure tactics. The insurance industry is already built for confusion; we don’t think the process should be any more complicated than it needs to be.

More about SelectQuote

Contact Information

Headquarters595 Market St., 10th Floor San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone number1 (800) 670-3213

Compare Life Insurance Quotes Instantly

  • Personalized quotes in 5 minutes or less
  • No signup required
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