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Car insurance companies provide various discounts depending on the condition of your vehicle and the driving history you possess. Erie Insurance and Safeco are leading insurance providers in the insurance industry. We have provided an insight for you about the features which each one of these company provides including the discounts they are offering, what benefits each of them provides and what are the current payment methods which they have for you. Below there is lot more which we have summed up for you.

  •   Erie Insurance
  •   Safeco
  • Good Credit Discount
    Varies %
    up to 73%

  • Anti-lock Brake Discount
    up to 5%
    Varies %

  • Good Student Discount
    Varies %
    up to 16%

  • Low Mileage Discount
    Varies %
    up to 20%

  • Prepay Discount
    up to 7%
    Varies %

  • Good Driver Discount
    Varies %
    up to 15%

  • Student Away at School Discount
    Varies %
    up to 20%

  • Anti-Theft Device Discount
    up to 5%
    up to 3%

  • Multiple Vehicle Discount
    up to 15%
    up to 36%

  • TeenSmart Discount
    Varies %
    up to 15%

  • Multiple Policy Discount
    Varies %
    up to 14%

Discounts are subject to availability and individual eligibility.

Features and Benefits Erie Insurance vs. ... Safeco vs. ...
Diminishing deductible  
Accident forgiveness  
Online account management  
Reimbursement of first aid  
24/7 service  
Ratings Comparison Erie Insurance vs. ... Safeco vs. ...
Overall Rating N/A 3
States Offered Erie Insurance vs. ... Safeco vs. ...
Payment Options Erie Insurance vs. ... Safeco vs. ...
Automatic Online Payments
Mail Payment
Bank Payment/Direct Deposit
Online Payment
Credit Card Payment
Person 2 Person Payment  
Phone Payment -IVR
Debit Card Payments