This insurance agency is hitting it big thanks to a celebrity endorsement. But how does its site fare when it comes to insurance quote comparison for the everyday shopper?

Zander Insurance is an independent insurance brokerage operated by The Zander Insurance Group. That means Zander isn’t a single insurance carrier, but an insurance agency that quotes products across various lines of personal and commercial insurance. Zander’s insurance agents, known as “Guides,” assess the instant quotes from top companies for which users apply online.

Most notably, however, Zander has gotten a real PR boost ever since it’s been “nationally endorsed” by personal finance guru and radio personality Dave Ramsey.

From A to Zander: About Zander Insurance

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee and in operation for over 100 years, Zander is a “fourth-generation firm” that takes pride in its longevity and familial roots. Indeed, Jeff Zander has served as CEO of Zander Insurance since 2013, although 1986 marked his first foray into the family business.

In its own words, Zander Insurance considers itself at the forefront of securing savings for the modern insurance shopper:

Zander’s services extend through all insurance lines, including term life, long-term disability, identity theft protection, auto, homeowners, commercial, benefits, and much more! With unparalleled carrier representation, we offer the most competitive pricing and quality programs for all of our clients. When we say “More options mean more savings,” we really mean it! We know that every dollar counts in today’s economy, and our team of Guides take great pride in finding you the best value for your money. 

If you value security, Zander is purportedly on your side. Zander claims it will never sell customers’ personal information.

Also of note is that Zander is a “49 percent employee-owned company.” The slight majority of its company’s stakeholders don’t work for Zander, but just under half do, which ostensibly means that Zander has a personal stake in fostering a positive experience for present and future policyholders.

Products quoted by Zander Insurance

Zander Insurance offers a variety of insurance policies across a plethora of personal and commercial lines of coverage.

Everyone’s insurance needs are different, so you might not need quotes for all of these coverages. Nevertheless, Zander offers peace of mind to prospective policyholders looking for the following:

  • Life insurance: Perhaps most notably among its many services, Zander delivers life insurance quotes across a variety of term lengths and policy types. (Dave Ramsey himself endorses term life insurance, such as a 20-year term policy. Term insurance is less expensive than whole life insurance and other non-fixed-term policies.) Zander’s home page lists the variety of esteemed life insurance companies with which the agency partners; these include PacificLife, MetLife, and AIG.
  • Identity theft protection: Those interested can purchase ID theft protection through the Zander Identity Theft Solutions plan.
  • Disability insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Auto insurance: Through its partnership with Answer Financial, Zander quotes several insurance carriers on its platform.
  • Health insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Business insurance: Business insurance coverages offered by Zander include business identity theft, workers’ compensation, and employee benefits.

Zander Insurance Review: How Zippy is Zander?  

If a personal finance personality as impactful as Dave Ramsey can give Zander his endorsement, then surely I could get on board with it, too. 

Could Zander really offer me the “best rates” for auto and life insurance? I decided to investigate.

First, I tested out its auto insurance quotes comparison platform.

When I entered my ZIP code, I was transferred to an Answer Financial domain page that still bore the Zander logo.

After entering my garaging address, the flow came up with three vehicles that “may match” those in my household. A little scary. I opted to enter the vehicle information manually.

I jumped through the usual hoops by filling out relevant information about my personal driver profile, including vehicle info and usage, the number of drivers on the policy, where I lived, and my insurance history. I opted for state minimum coverage with no comprehensive or collision coverage, just to see how low a rate I could get for a 2015 Chevy Camaro in Texas. Turns out, the rates were not bad; my quote list, though its layout was visually busy, provided me with several quotes lower than $150 a month.

The quote I selected was sent to one of Answer Financial’s agents for review. A trap? Or a sign someone would follow up, verify my information, and help me to tie together some loose ends? Likely the latter, of course. But I was a little discouraged I couldn’t purchase that quote there and then online instead of having to speak to a representative. This signaled to me that my quote was more of an estimated rate than a real-time offer. 

I then tried the life insurance quoting flow:

I entered some personal information, such as my date of birth, gender, and contact information (!). Among the “health class” options provided (Standard, Standard Plus, Preferred, and Preferred Plus), I selected Standard Plus. Explain health classes in life insurance. This was ultimately the most important factor in my application. 

I then opted into my coverage amount: a $500,000 term life insurance policy for a 20-year term. 

And just like that, I received my quotes page. I was able to adjust my coverage amount, coverage term, and payment mode (monthly, quarterly, or semiannually). The quotes were listed in ascending price order, so that the “best” deals showed at the top, highlighted in a pleasant canary yellow.

Once I selected a plan, I was directed to the latter part of the site’s flow, where I entered more personal information, like the state of my birth, height and weight, marital status, and annual income.

I then filled out my contact information, the number and names of my beneficiaries, my medical history, and other life insurance-adjacent queries: do I have any history of drug use? Do I have diabetes, high cholesterol, anxiety? Do I pilot planes?!

As the process went with my auto quote, I securely submitted my application request for review by an official Zander Insurance Guide. As the fine print at the bottom of my screen told me:

This is not an application. This is a request for an application. You are under no obligation. Do not cancel, change, or alter an existing policy. All policies must be fully underwritten by the selected insurance company. An agent representative will contact you to arrange a brief paramedical interview and to secure signatures on your application.

Pretty easy.

Who’s Zany for Zander: Up-to-Date Customer Reviews

Of course, a site’s online experience is one thing. How an agency ultimately handles its customers is another one altogether. 

What are customers saying about Zander Insurance? Though the site’s homepage boasts curated testimonials from satisfied sycophants—and a healthy amount of Dave Ramsey branding—that can’t be the full story.

It’s important to note that any problems customers may have with their insurance providers, including those that pertain to filing claims or customer service, are not necessarily Zander’s fault. The best that shoppers can do is consider if Zander acts sufficiently as an agency and not as a carrier.

Overall, review aggregator sites suggest that Zander gets a passing grade from users. Some complaints, and no fervent applause.  

This particular review is a bit concerning:

But this one is, well, glowing:

Read Barry S.‘s review of Zander Insurance Group on Yelp

This table shows Zander’s official Insurify Composite Rating, based on a combination of reviews from aggregator sites:

SiteCustomer RatingNumber of Reviews
Total Score3.7 / 5236
Facebook3.8 / 5163
Yelp3.5 / 569
Best Company3.5 / 54

Zander Insurance is rated 3.7 out of 5 based on 236 reviews.

Your insurance comparison journey doesn’t have to start or end with Zander. 

With Insurify, you can compare quotes across autolifehome, and renters insurance. Whether you want to buy online or over the phone, are hunting for affordable state minimum coverage ASAP, or are just browsing the web for a better deal, Insurify can help you find insurance rates that work with your personal budget and coverage needs.

Insurify is 100 percent free, secure, and nonbinding. Just take a look. Trust us, you’ll like what you find.

Zander Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

How does Zander Insurance compare cheap insurance quotes?

Zander allows users to compare life insurance quotes across a variety of term lengths and policy types. Financial guru Dave Ramsey endorses Zander's life insurance quotes comparison experience. Zander is not the only comparison tool out there, however: sites like Insurify can help drivers save by comparing car insurance quotes in under five minutes.

Who owns Zander Insurance?

Zander Insurance is an independent insurance brokerage operated by the Zander Insurance Group. The firm has been in operation for over 100 years.

What is Zander Insurance?

Zander Insurance is an agency that quotes insurance products across various lines of personal and commercial insurance. It is most renowned for its life insurance quotes comparison experience, which has been endorsed by Dave Ramsey for decades.

How do I cancel my Zander Insurance policy?

To cancel an insurance policy you found directly through Zander Insurance, contact your Zander agent or call your insurance company directly. Before you cancel your policy, make sure you compare insurance quotes and secure a new plan so that your coverage doesn't lapse.

More about Zander Insurance 

Contact Information

Headquarters6213 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209
Phone number1 (800) 356-4282

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