Rate transparency from an insurance company earning solidly average marks. 

As one of the largest insurance providers in the United States, Progressive has several advantages, especially when it comes to technology. Customers at Progressive have many options for purchasing coverage, including purchasing fully online. Policyholders can also file claims and monitor them from home. 

Other perks, like being able to bundle home and auto insurance and having the option to purchase the “single deductible benefit,” make Progressive very attractive to some buyers. That is, buyers who live where inclement weather like hail storms are frequent should take note (more on this below). 

Progressive now allows customers to view quotes and compare coverage options from three competitors. Couple that with the extensive discount programs—for security systems, safety devices, and more—and it’s easy to see why you could save with Progressive insurance. 

Of course, you can compare 6+ real home insurance quotes with Insurify in just a few minutes. And you can save your profile for future comparison shopping!

Progressive Home Insurance Coverages

According to its website, Progressive offers property insurance across these dwelling situations and insurance needs:

Homeowners insurance

As the name implies, Progressive homeowners insurance is for people who own their homes with or without a mortgage. It is meant to cover all structures on your property, including your:

  • House
  • Garage
  • Shed
  • Fence
  • Barn
  • Guesthouse
  • Gazebo
  • Pool
  • Poolhouse
  • Driveway
  • Porch or deck
  • Other structures such as pavilions

Renters insurance

This covers the renter’s personal property, including things like electronic equipment, jewelry, and other valuables. Progressive will also cover the theft of possessions renters may keep in their car, as well as temporary living expenses if the rented property becomes suddenly unlivable. If someone is injured in your home, Progressive will cover the personal liability costs as well. 

Condo insurance

Progressive’s condo insurance covers more than condos — it also covers rowhouses, townhouses, and virtually any home that comes with homeowners association fees. Since that HOA will already cover parts of your property, condo insurance is supplemental. It covers your personal property and property upgrades in addition to temporary living expenses and personal liability.

Mobile home insurance

This is very similar to home insurance but modified to better suit mobile homes. Bear in mind, replacement cost coverage—to protect your mobile home against catastrophic damage—is not part of Progressive’s standard package. Progressive also offers an add-on for trip collision coverage if you decide to move your mobile home.

Flood insurance

Exactly what the name implies, flood insurance protects you against floods. Pro-tip: the National Flood Insurance Program underwrites all flood insurance policies, regardless of the insurance company you pick. This means the price is the same across the board. 

Homeshare coverage

This is for people whose side hustle is to rent out a room through a business like Airbnb. It’s pay-per-use and, at eight dollars a month, a reasonably affordable option to keep you covered.

Components of a Progressive Home Insurance Policy

Dwelling Coverage
This covers your home and mostly every upgrade inside it, such as kitchen remodels. It also includes coverage for anything attached to your home, including your deck, front porch, and garage. 

Other Structures
This covers any structure detached from your home, like a gazebo, shed, or driveway. Typically, coverage limits for “other structures” are significantly lower than those for your actual property. So if you have multiple detached structures of high value, be sure your policy matches the cost of replacing those structures. 

Personal Possessions
Essentially, personal possessions refers to all the stuff in your home or other structures on your property. This includes electronic equipment, clothing, jewelry, and more. It also covers possessions in your vehicle—for example, if your laptop were stolen from your car, it would still be covered by your home insurance policy.

Some people may have items of higher value than their policy’s limits, like a designer shoe collection. If you have expensive items, speak with your agent about increasing coverage limits. 

Loss of Use
This coverage option is to make sure you have somewhere to stay if your home is not in a livable condition. For example, after a tornado, you and your family may need to stay in a hotel until your property is repaired and once again habitable. This coverage pays for your hotel or any other place you have to live in temporarily.

It also pays for extra expenses that would not have been incurred otherwise. For example, the hotel you stay in is further away from your job, meaning you need to take a longer commute. Because of this, you spend an extra $75 on gas that month. Loss of Use covers this difference. 

Just be sure to keep your receipts.

Personal Liability
One of several components meant to protect you against loss through litigation (i.e., sued into bankruptcy), personal liability covers the cost of damages or injuries other people may sustain on your property. For example, your aunt injures herself on your property and misses a week of work. Those wages are covered by personal liability. 

Medical Payments
Your aunt’s hospital bills for that fall would be covered by the medical payments component. So would her rehabilitation and chiropractic visits afterward. 

Optional Coverages for Your Progressive Home Insurance Policy

Progressive’s Home Quote Explorer tool walks you through the fundamentals of homeowners insurance policy coverages, and what you might want to include in your plan. These coverages include:

Personal Injury
While this looks a lot like personal liability, personal injury covers abstract costs. For example, you post a negative review of a local business online, after which the business owner sues you for libel. Personal Injury covers you for your loss. 

Water Back-Up
This is appropriate for homeowners who have a sump pump system to keep water away from the foundation of their homes. If that sump pump stops working suddenly, the water will back up into the basement or lower level of the house, causing costly water damage. 

Single Deductible Benefit
This is an added benefit for Progressive customers who bundle their home and auto insurance. If your home and vehicle are damaged in the same event, like a tornado, you only pay one deductible instead of two.


There are several appealing discounts for homeowners looking to save on insurance costs—and its way more than just bundling. Top discounts include:

  • Alarm systems, including fire alarms, burglary, and other security systems.
  • A new purchase or switching renters insurance.
  • Newly built home where the more recently your home was built, the higher the discount.
  • Pay in full at the beginning of the policy term.
  • Paperless discount if you agree to receive documents electronically.
  • Planning ahead and getting a quote at least ten days in advance.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews: Customer Satisfaction?

Progressive homeowners insurance gets just shy of four out of five stars on Consumer Affairs. The ease of purchasing stands out in many of the best reviews.

The ease of getting in touch with insurance representatives—and the ease of filing claims—is another stand-out for Progressive customers.

However, several negative reviews by policyholders highlight a few problems:

  • Trouble obtaining reimbursement in the event of a claim
  • Uncertainty of coverage benefits or misunderstanding what is and is not covered
  • The sudden cancellation of a policy

To be fair, J.D. Power 2019 U.S. Property Claims Satisfaction StudySM found that most homeowners insurance companies are dropping the ball when it comes to managing customer experience in the claims process.

Other industry ratings for Progressive Home Insurance include:

  • J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Rating: About Average (3 of 5)
  • A.M. Best Rating: A+ (Superior)
  • Moody’s Financial Strength Rating: A2
  • Better Business Bureau Rating: A+

Progressive Homeowners Insurance FAQ

Who underwrites Progressive’s home insurance?

It depends. While Progressive does not directly underwrite home insurance policies, you can still purchase your policy through Progressive. Essentially, Progressive acts as a middleman, providing technology and customer support. Underwriters will vary from state to state.

Is Progressive home insurance any good?

Yes. So long as you are honest in your quoting process, you should not have any difficulties getting coverage and staying covered. Be sure to speak with your home insurance agent if you have any questions. And remember that, despite all technological advancements, the claims process takes time.

Is Progressive the best homeowners insurance for me?

It depends. Everyone’s needs and preferences are different—and the best company for you may not be the best company for your next-door neighbor. The important thing is to shop around, compare prices and offerings, and ask your agent questions if you feel unsure.  And don’t be afraid to shop often. The best company for you today may not be the best company for you tomorrow. That’s why we recommend saving your profile and using Insurify’s quote comparison tool often to check your insurance rates.

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Progressive Insurance Overview

Best known to the public for its charming mascot “Flo,” Progressive is a top-ranked, national insurance company that offers extensive policy customization and several insurance discounts.

In 1937, Progressive was founded as the first-ever drive-in claims office and the first to offer reduced rates for low-risk drivers. Progressive’s headquarters are located in Mayfield Village, Ohio, but the company has over 250 claims offices across the United States and works with over 30,000 insurance agents; it also has a robust online presence.

Progressive Home Insurance Contact Information

Customer service phone number1 (800) 776-4737
Claims service phone number1 (800) 776-4737

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Updated October 22, 2020

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