AAA is one of the more unique insurance companies in the United States, with an organization that’s composed of various regional clubs, each offering its own set of coverages and discounts. Depending on where you live, you may be able to take advantage of low-priced insurance policies but possibly won’t get to choose from very many additional options.

It’s smart to do a bit of research before you purchase insurance coverage, so make sure you visit Insurify before you buy. You’ll be able to compare rates from multiple companies at once and review all of the coverage options available, ensuring that you find the best policy to meet your needs.

AAA Homeowners Insurance Reviews: Here’s what people are saying…

The organizational structure of AAA makes it a rather interesting company to work with, as some homeowners are able to purchase a policy that completely meets their needs. In contrast, others find that extra coverage is lacking. Ultimately, you must be a member of AAA to even enroll in coverage, and everyone interested in a home policy is typically required to also purchase car insurance as well. 

Each regional group is referred to as one of the AAA Auto Clubs, and while some offer insurance products directly, others outsource coverage to other insurance groups. AAA, in general, does offer a customer service telephone number so people can manage their memberships and policy details, but with such a difference between motor clubs, continuity is hard to come by.

Ultimately, most individuals with a homeowners policy from AAA note that customer satisfaction appears to be high on the company’s priority list, that rates are affordable, and that the claims process is easy to navigate. However, some reviews state just the opposite, leaving customers frustrated with ever-increasing premiums and claims that take an extended period to resolve.

AAA Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Obtaining a quote for homeowners insurance can sometimes be difficult, as each regional group has its own website with varying features. Some homeowners may be able to generate a quote online with ease. In contrast, others might need to contact customer service and could potentially need to purchase a AAA membership before proceeding.

Among other major insurance providers, rates from AAA tend to be some of the cheapest available with exceptionally competitive rates. Customers can usually count on being able to purchase coverage for property damage, personal property, and more; however, each individual option will influence your premium as a whole. When compared to Allstate, Amica, and State Farm, AAA often provides the best value.

What’s covered by AAA home insurance?

The features available to you through the American Automobile Association will vary based upon your location. Most basic options are available, including homeowner’s insurance, renters insurance, and even earthquake and flood insurance. Some parts of the country will feature regional groups that also offer:

  • Coverage against identity theft
  • Extensive liability coverage if someone gets hurt in your home
  • Umbrella insurance for large levels of coverage
  • Funds for both loss of use and living expenses
  • Medical payments to help offset the cost of injuries that occurred on your property

Remember, policyholders cannot view AAA as one company that offers the same levels of coverage everywhere. Rates, coverage options, and even billing options may be different from state to state. Some regional groups allow for the bundling of policies, allowing you to take advantage of multi-policy savings.

How does AAA’s claims process work? 

Insurance claims can be frustrating to deal with, especially if you’ve sustained a major loss. AAA aims to make the claims process as easy as possible, allowing you to file a claim in one of several ways. Policyholders can contact customer service at 1 (800) 222-8252 or may reach out directly to another insurance provider depending on who manages the policy. Some areas also feature dedicated AAA locations where you can speak with an agent to begin a claim.

Processing a claim on most homeowners insurance policies tends to look the same, as you’ll be contacted by an adjuster or an inspector to evaluate the damage. AAA places customer satisfaction as a top priority and works to provide you with fair compensation as quickly as possible.

AAA Home Insurance Discounts and Payment Methods 

It’s no surprise that the policy discounts available to AAA members will vary just as much as the policies themselves. Most customers can count on claim-free and bundling savings while others with specific home features like a hail-resistant or fire-resistant roof may see even deeper discounts. 

Customers can take advantage of one of several payment methods that best meets their needs, including the option to create an account online at and use a debit card, credit card, or banking information. You can also call membership services at 1 (800) 222-8252 to make a payment over the phone. Some regional clubs also allow you to set up automatic withdrawals using your checking account. It’s best to contact your AAA club to determine which options are available to you.

Other Types of Home Insurance Offered by AAA

Individuals shopping for unique home insurance options might find that their AAA club has precisely what they’re looking for. Contact your regional group to learn about additional coverages including:

  • Mobile and manufactured home coverage
  • Home hosting policies
  • Home daycare options
  • Landscaping and yard protection
  • Extended personal property coverage

For some, coverage with AAA is robust and offers more than anyone could want, while other customers find its options to be lacking. Again, the availability of products solely depends on where you live.

Conclusion: The best way to save on home insurance

For some homeowners, insurance can cost thousands of dollars per year, so it’s not a purchase that you want to take lightly. Before you buy, make sure to do your research and head over to Insurify. You’ll be able to compare quotes and coverage between multiple companies to determine if AAA will save you the most money.

AAA Insurance Overview

From life insurance to travel discounts, the services provided by AAA are extensive. It was first incorporated as an automobile club in 1902 and now has over 60 million members across the United States. Headquartered in Florida, it’s a not-for-profit organization that’s best known for helping customers when they’re stranded on the side of the road through roadside assistance programs.

Its 42 different regional clubs that span the U.S. and residents can purchase any number of insurance options from their local group. Road maps, travel guides, and a range of insurance services are available, and AAA tends to be a highly regarded and trusted company by its millions of customers. It has received high scores by J.D. Power and Associates and works to make a positive impact on our environment through a variety of programs.

Membership/Customer Service Number1 (800) 222-8252
Headquarters Address1000 AAA Drive
Heathrow, Florida 32746
Updated March 3, 2020

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