How Dave saved $400 on car insurance with Insurify

How do you find cheap car and home insurance when you’re too busy running your own business? David Hulsen has the answer.

David Hulsen wasn’t looking for car or home insurance when he first visited, but that’s exactly what he found.

And for 20% cheaper than what he’d been paying his insurance company for years.

Hulsen is the co-founder of RFP365, an Intelligent RFP Software business, that aims to optimize the Request for Proposal for both buyers and vendors — a process that has, “remained historically frustrating and inconsistent.”

To say the least, Hulsen knows a thing or two about how technology and online platforms can be built to streamline age-old facets of businesses and industries. He’s also a self-proclaimed early adopter of technology.

So when he went to Insurify’s website to get more background information on his fellow panelist, Snejina Zacharia, for this year’s Professional Insurance Marketing Association (PIMA) MidYear Meeting and Trade Show, he was seized by the interface and wanted to see what the rest of the quoting pages looked like.

“Knowing what it takes to make an easy interface,” Hulsen began in our interview, “I couldn’t stop going through the flow.”

“Thank you for making this really, really, easy. Your interface is beautiful and so easy to use.”

I added my home and rental house…and umbrella policy. All told, even with the new umbrella line I saved $400 total.

Hulsen considers himself a smart, savvy shopper; and in my opinion this is an understatement.

When I asked him how often he shops around for new car or home insurance quotes he let me in on his 3 year shopping tradition.

“I rebid for insurance every 3 years. I set up calendar reminders,” he began.

“I do research using a spreadsheet where I keep track of my quotes; different prices for different lines of coverage. And I find the quotes are usually incremental after 3 years time.”

Hulsen is definitely organized. And he appreciates that Insurify’s website is as well. He was able to leave his spreadsheet and compare a handful of quotes on one page and set email reminders for every 6 months to a year or when quotes are cheaper than when he originally shopped.

“I don’t like going through live insurance brokers,” he admits.

“But in the past, I used to bid through my wife’s insurance agent. It was a small pool of providers. I much rather be on a website.”

Like 71% of consumers today, Hulsen prefers to shop for car insurance, “online at night or on weekends,” when most agencies are closed.

“I’ve actually never used an insurance quoting website before.”

But for the times he hasn’t used a broker, he usually gets quotes directly from an individual insurance company’s site.

“I never got a good enough deal [from another provider] to ever switch everything over. And their sites have never been as easy to use as Insurify’s,” he says with a chuckle.

Only a few minutes after he started entering his information, Hulsen was surprised to see the first 5 quotes were cheaper than what he was currently paying in premiums for insurance on his 2 cars and home.

“It was only a couple dollars a month, but when I did the math I realized Liberty Mutual could be saving me 20% a year.

A Liberty Mutual agent reach out to me over the weekend about my quote. And their agent was super helpful. I added my home and rental house…and umbrella policy. All told, even with the new umbrella line I saved $400 total.”

For Hulsen and many other insurance shoppers, there’s a value in self-service. There’s value in being able to shop and get all your questions answered without having to rely too heavily on an agent or broker.

Especially when you’re shopping in the middle of the night or you don’t want to hear a biased sales pitch.

“Even if there weren’t any savings on your site, for me there’s so much value in being able to do it yourself.”

You don’t have to be the founder of your own technology company–or even that organized– to appreciate the value of bringing an outdated, but necessary industry into the 21st century.

Insurify’s virtual agent is available 24/7 on dashboard and device for those who want personal advice and fast comparisons but don’t have the time to talk on the phone with 10 different agents or learn how to use 10 different website interfaces.

Updated February 16, 2018

Micaela Allen is a Boston-based writer and editor. Over the years, she has written over 100 original pieces for Insurify, focusing on trends in the insurance industry and financial advice for young and uninsured drivers. Micaela is an alumna of Northeastern University, where she majored in English.