Introducing Insurify Bot for Facebook Messenger

Say hello to an easier way to compare and buy auto insurance right from Facebook Messenger with Insurify’s new chatbot.

It’s time to say “hello” to Insurify on Facebook Messenger

We’ve integrated the Insurify comparison service with Facebook Messenger. So if you’re looking to compare car insurance, now you can chat with Insurify’s virtual agent on Facebook Messenger the same way you would when you call an agent. And it takes about 2 minutes!

Here’s what you can do with the Insurify’s virtual agent:

Breeze through insurance quoting questions

You can answer the insurance application questions quickly with a few taps. No need to create an account. Just log in and just press “Get Started.”

When you get stuck or have a question about your coverage Insurify’s virtual agent will guide you through and help with answers.

Get rate alerts

You can subscribe to rate alerts, which monitor insurance prices and notify you if there is a more competitive rate with another company. You can get real-time alerts as soon as prices drop or schedule periodic reviews every 6 months.

“Our Facebook Messenger virtual agent experience is faster than any website or mobile app, and easier to use than any online form. It’s a powerful example of how our technology will work on all other messaging services,” said Snejina Zacharia, Insurify’s founder and CEO. “Our vision is to continue to enhance the artificial intelligence and data integrations behind our virtual agent and train the algorithms to pass the insurance licensing exam.”

We are proud that Insurify has become the first insurance comparison platform in the U.S. to integrate with Facebook Messenger, and to provide car insurance quotes, advice and recommendations through the largest global social network.

Updated November 30, 2020