Artificial Intelligence meets Car Insurance: Denim Rivet Podcast

Insurify’s founder and CEO, Snejina Zacharia, has been interviewed on the Denim Rivet podcast. Hear more about the use of artificial intelligence in the car insurance industry.

Insurify’s founder and CEO, Snejina Zacharia, has been interviewed by Gregory Bailey on the Denim Rivet podcast! The episode delves into the use of artificial intelligence in the car insurance industry, specifically focusing on Insurify’s virtual, texting agent, Evia.

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Denim Rivet is a podcast dedicated to covering innovation in the insurance and financial services industry. Each week, the podcasts educate and inspire listeners through thought-provoking conversations with startup founders and venture capitalists working towards disruption in today’s insurance industry.

Gregory Bailey is the founder and host of the Denim Rivet podcast. Bailey has been recently named one of the 20 Most Creative People in Insurance and brings more than 20 years of insurance and financial services experience to the show. Previously, Gregory was VP, Marketing at Pacific Life and Chief Marketing Officer at Athene USA (formerly Aviva USA). Now he’s focused on making an even larger impact on the industry as an entrepreneur, angel investor, speaker and podcaster.

Snejina Zacharia is the founder and CEO of Insurify, the virtual insurance agent which connects with millions of records to verify personal information and provide accurate car insurance quotes. Snejina has over 16 years of experience in entrepreneurship with consumer internet and enterprise software companies. Most recently, she was with Gartner where she established and grew three lines of business, each with millions of dollars of annual revenue across the USA and EMEA. Snejina holds an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.

Insurify is an online car insurance shopping platform, which allows users to quickly and easily compare real, accurate quotes from multiple carriers, based on their unique profiles. Using an easy and intuitive interface, advanced integration technology, and a powerful recommendation engine, Insurify creates a better, smarter, car insurance shopping platform.

Updated November 15, 2017

Micaela Allen is a Boston-based writer and editor. Over the years, she has written over 100 original pieces for Insurify, focusing on trends in the insurance industry and financial advice for young and uninsured drivers. Micaela is an alumna of Northeastern University, where she majored in English.