Many people choose a vehicle based on their ability to add customizations. While some drivers modify their car for functionality, others prefer to add parts that improve the car’s performance. No matter if you are looking to make your vehicle more accessible or perform better, you will want to consider a modified car insurance policy.

Depending on which insurance provider you are working with, you may need to purchase additional protection through custom parts and equipment coverage. Some insurance carriers will allow you to keep your standard policy but may charge you a higher premium, depending on what car modifications you add. 

The best way to ensure you maintain an affordable plan that will keep your vehicle and upgrades protected is by comparing providers. Often, this means shopping around and reviewing multiple car insurance quotes. Insurify makes the process easier by allowing you to instantly compare more than 20 quotes all on one page. 

What do insurance companies consider a modified car? 

Modifications for a car can range from small changes to thousands of dollars in high-end parts. Regardless of what you decide to do, most insurance companies will consider any changes to the original factory design of your vehicle to be a modification. 

Since there are so many different options to modify your car, here are just a few of the most common types of modifications insurers will look for:

  • Turbochargers, superchargers, and turbo boosters
  • Chrome rims or custom wheels
  • Lift kits or hydraulics
  • High-end stereo systems
  • Custom paint jobs
  • Installing any type of spoilers or grilles
  • Anti-sway bars

How does insuring a modified car affect your car insurance rates?

Modifying your car can have one of two different impacts. If you are adding custom parts or components to your vehicle that are performance-related, you will more than likely have to pay a higher premium. However, if the modifications are to make the car safer or accessible, then you might receive a discount on your payment, depending on the provider you go with. 

What other factors can raise your car insurance rates?

Adding a high-end performance part to your car isn’t the only thing that can raise your auto insurance rates. Other factors, such as your driving history, age, and location, can also have an impact on your premium rates. Even the make and model of vehicle you drive can cause your car insurance rates to increase. 

Modified Car Insurance Cost: How much is insurance for modified cars? 

While you are likely to pay more to insure a modified car, it can be difficult to say exactly how much your car insurance will cost each month. There are many factors that insurance carriers take into consideration when determining the cost of your monthly premium. Here are a few things that the provider may look at when setting your rate:

  • Do the modifications to your vehicle increase the risk of being involved in an accident?
  • Will the modifications increase the likelihood your vehicle will be broken into?
  • What is the price of the custom parts or components?
  • What type of modifications did you make to your vehicle?

How does the cost of modified auto insurance compare to different car types?

One of the biggest factors that can determine the cost of a modified auto insurance policy is the type of car you drive. Vehicles that have good safety ratings will naturally be less expensive to insure than sports cars. Sedans are also generally less costly than luxury vehicles when it comes to insurance on modifications. 

What are the best and cheapest insurance companies for modified cars?

Finding affordable options for modified car insurance can be difficult when first starting out. Often, the best way to find cheap quotes is to compare policies from multiple providers. Companies like Insurify help identify the best carriers that offer competitive pricing and quality protection. 

Here are a few of the best and cheapest insurance companies to consider if you have a modified car.


Known for its specialized insurance plans that cover classic and modified cars, Hagerty is one of the best options on the market today. Its agreed-value policy offers a way to protect high-value vehicles without risking a disagreement in the value of each custom part. Hagerty also offers classic and collectible car insurance that is great for owners of collector vehicles. 


Another great car insurance provider for drivers of a modified vehicle is Esurance. Not only does the company offer up to $4,000 of coverage for custom components and parts, but it also offers comprehensive plans that are more competitive than other options. 


Similar to Hagerty, Grundy has a reputation for providing coverage for modified vehicles. It also offers agreed-value policies that allow owners to agree on a value for their upgraded vehicle with the insurance company before any claims are filed. 

How to Get Insurance for Modified Cars

Finding insurance for a modified car isn’t too difficult, but finding affordable coverage can be. The best place to start is typically with your current auto insurance provider. They may have special plans available for custom or classic vehicles. 

The next step is to get quotes from other providers and compare them. Doing so will ensure that you find the cheapest price. Often, the first quote you receive won’t be the lowest. 

To help with quickly identifying and comparing quotes that you qualify for, you can use a car insurance comparison site like Insurify. You will notice that the process is quick and easy; simply answer a few questions, and you will be presented with qualifying coverage options all on one page. 

Tips for Buying Modified Car Insurance

Even though you might be excited to customize your ride and add your own personal touch, it is important to think about auto insurance as well. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for modified car insurance:

  1. Speak with your auto insurance provider to see how your modifications will affect your current policy.
  2. The types of vehicle modifications you add to your vehicle will either raise your rates or lower your rates, depending on what they are. 
  3. Determine if a special insurance coverage, such as “custom parts and equipment coverage,” is necessary.
  4. Consider an agreed-value policy with your insurance provider to establish the agreed value of your car with modifications.

How to Save on Car Insurance for Modified Cars with Insurify

Modifying your car is a fun experience that helps you make it your own, but doing so can result in higher insurance rates. By working with Insurify, you can ensure you are getting the best coverage for an affordable price. Simply answer a few questions, and you will be presented with quotes from reputable carriers all on one page, making it easy to find the perfect policy for you. 

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Updated May 18, 2021

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