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Cheapest Cities for Car Insurance in Ohio

Welcome to Ohio and a whole new state of car insurance

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The wonderful Buckeye State can be one of the most expensive states to live in as the cost of living everywhere in the world continues to rise, but it also has some great rates for car insurance. And so, if you are making the move to this beautiful state, it will be best to compare quotes from top companies in order to start saving on your auto insurance.

Listed below are the top ten most affordable cities, but first it is important to consider a few things. The state average, which all of these prices are compared to, is $417 per month, and in order to get the most accurate results, several sample drivers were created. They all had their liability set to just above the state minimum, and varied in age and marital status (two single men ages 30 and 65, as well as two married couples aged 30 and 65).

While this does not, by far, represent everyone, it gives a solid benchmark to compare the following companies. This does mean, however, that when reading the list, it must be noted that your actual costs will vary depending on your exact coverages, age, type of car you drive, etc.

  1. Lorain - $370

  2. Canton - $376

  3. Parma - $380

  4. Dayton - $382

  5. Akron - $403

  6. Cincinnati - $415

  7. Columbus - $419

  8. Toledo - $447

  9. Youngstown - $471

  10. Cleveland - $505

Taking a step back from this picture, do remember that you must carry liability insurance that will protect the other driver in the event of an at-fault accident. In most cases, your state will have set a required minimum for everyone to have in order to drive, but you might want to consider purchasing more especially if you drive a nice car. Most liability minimums won’t cover much at all if you’re involved in an accident that’s your fault. To help you figure out just what you might need, the Insurance Information Institute recommends the following: $100,000 of bodily injury protection per person and $300,000 bodily injury protection per accident. This might all seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry, Insurify's intelligent, virtual agent is there to help. With the agent, we can help assess what liability exactly fits your needs and give you the power to compare all carriers within your region to get you the best rate possible.

Car insurance should not be another headache you have to deal with or empty your bank accounts on and luckily these cities agree. And now, with this list in hand, you are prepped for the road ahead, no matter what city that may take you to. Just remember, shopping around is the best guarantee for the lowest rates and we at Insurify are your best friends for the job.