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6 ways to be a good vehicle passenger

Driving is a big responsibility especially when you have passengers in your car. Here are 6 safety tips to help your driver stay focused and free from distraction.

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Have you ever called shot gun among your group of friends in the Target parking lot at 12 AM, spewing soft pretzel and blue Icee from your mouth, and they all pretend to not hear you while picking up their pace to the car? If so, you’re probably not the best passenger and your friends don’t have the heart to tell you. Calling shotgun comes with some serious responsibilities, like navigating and checking for surrounding vehicles. It also comes with some serious perks, like handling the AUX cord (a.k.a your chance to show off how well you’ve mastered Nicki Minaj’s verses). However, all play and no work makes you a terrible passenger. So get off your phone, place the Icee in the cup holder, and read our tips on how to become the shot gun guru:

  1. Take your co-piloting duties seriously
    Whether this means reading directions off the GPS navigation, watching out when the driver is backing up, helping them parallel park, checking their blind spots, or simply putting on your seatbelt, being a great co-pilot can ease the stress of the driver. Passengers can be a huge help to the driver, especially if you’re driving in a new place.
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  3. Keep your time on the phone to a minimum
    There are enough distractions to deal with when driving, but trying not to listen to a phone conversation, watching a cat video, or looking at a latest dating app match as you struggle to maneuver through traffic is something every driver can do without. Take the phone call later or try to keep it as brief as possible.
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  5. Stay calm
    Sudden stops or near accidents are scary, but your reaction to them shouldn’t be. The driver’s heart is most likely racing as much as yours, plus they probably feel bad for putting your life at risk. So keep your reactions to a minimum and remain calm, cool, and collected. They’ll appreciate the support as they readjust their focus to the road.
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  7. Focus on keeping them focused
    With many people in a car, the driver has to fend off multiple conversations, laughter, that one guy rapping Nicki, and even shouting. They also have to stay focused on getting from point-A to point-B safely. You can best help by talking to the driver and taking them out of that distracted mindset. Help readjust their focus by directing their attention back on the road and the journey.
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  9. No backseat driving
    So you were banished to the back seat. While help with directions and backing up are appreciated, backseat driving is something to avoid. Pointing every little thing they do wrong and making them feel like a bad driver will only stress everyone out.You've single handedly turned this fun trip into a headache. Congrats.
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  11. Make sure they're not paying too much for auto insurance
    Many American's are paying too much for their car insurance policies. This is partially due to carriers failing to advise their customers on specific discounts they qualify for and customers not knowing to ask. Although their current insurance provider may offer them what seems like a fair price, you should still tell them to shop around for other premiums from local companies. Use an online site like Insurify that allows your to customize, build, compare, and purchase a policy in minutes with the help of professional agents throughout the quote process. You’ll be confident you’re getting the most coverage for the best price.
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